God told me over 10 years ago about a coming and last move before His return. He told me that the last move will be a move of desire and passion. The emergence of the Bride.

He told me that there will be ministries that will specialize in adorning the Bride – these ministries will fulfill Daniel 12 and Rev 22. I have tried my best to stretch my vision to see more and to look and understand. I have told you that I have looked for these ministries and have only seen glimpses but I saw none.

The Lord told me to look to Him, that only a Husband can provoke His Bride to passion.

This will be a hour like no other where the words of Jesus will hold true – I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH. He has kept this hour for Himself. Only a unique breed of ministers will be able to function in this move and hour.

The Lord spoke to me that there is a coming oneness with the Church and the Spirit like never before until the Church says the same thing as the Spirit. The Spirit and the Bride will say, “Come!”

Fresh revelation, jealousy and pursuit – the Robe of Righteousness, Garments of salvation and Jewels.

The last adornment of the Bride will be jewels.

A Baptism of Fire is coming to the Church – nothing brings out the beauty of jewels more than fire.

The Bride of Christ

Many in their pride will think they know, understand and have been there but people, I urge you to seek the Lord, pursue Him, give Him no rest – there will be a shout on the earth that will precede a shout in Heaven. I hear it, I see it – Come! Come! Come! The wall between Heaven and Earth shall come down.

Jesus will be walking in the midst of the Candlesticks – entire services – will surround one word – Come! Many ministries will be displaced and lovers shall arise. All imitators will be exposed! Many that were cast away shall be gathered again. Many Davids shall be restored – a time is coming on the earth like no other! What if it begins with you and me?

He that has the Bride is the Bridegroom! The fan is in His Hand and there shall be a baptism of fire on the Highway of Holiness.

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Image Credit: Leah Makin Photography cc