When I first thought about Christianity and “following God”, I’ll be honest, I was turned off. I thought “it’s going to take me soo long to read enough of the bible” and “it’s going to take soo many years to start living a good life.” But of course, I was unaware of who God really was.

Think of a little baby. Can a baby do anything to earn love? Not really… They kind of just lie there screaming, crying, pooping all day. They have to be fully taken care of and fully provided for and fully cleaned. They can’t even be left alone for a moment because they are just not capable of surviving alone. Yet, parents are willing to give their lives for them.

This is why love is some kind of marvelous mystery.

There we have a baby, making a mess, causing sleepless nights, most likely bald and vomiting, doing nothing to deserve love, yet being fully loved and cared for.

It’s the same way with God. The bible says that we can only love Him because He first loved us. Therefore, life happens because He loves us first. Just like a baby has nothing to offer to be loved, we have nothing we can offer God to love us first, He just does. We can only repent, pray and serve when we have known that He loves us first. And, like I previously said, the mystery of love is that it loves regardless.

Therefore, there is nothing to intimidate you and prevent you from coming to His love. Fears of not being good enough or not having done enough can scare you away. But, with Him, you can come not knowing a single thing.

You can come not knowing how to pray or what to pray..

You can come not even fully understanding the gospel.. As long as you come knowing that He will love you first, you can figure everything out after.

So, I encourage you to start somewhere simple today. Start at Him loving you first. Start your prayers knowing He loves you first. Start your service to Him knowing that He loves you first. You aren’t there to earn or prove anything, but just to be loved first and foremost.

Image Credit: shutterstock/ollyy