Imagine a straight and narrow street called Love. This street leads to all the promises of God being made a reality in your life. On this street, you live in and experience pure unconditional love. Imagine now, two exits, one named Sin and the other named Self Righteousness.

The Sin Exit leads to a place called “Death”. The Self Righteousness Exit leads to a never ending place called “Roundabout”. Sin never leads to the promises of God and Self Righteousness always ends up short of God’s blessings.

If you take the Sin or Self Righteousness Exit, you need to be make an immediate U-Turn because it will lead you down the horrible road to destruction.

Confessing or owning up to your sins is great and receiving forgiveness is awesome, but both confession and forgiveness do not stop you from experiencing Satan’s plans.

It is in repentance or in turning from our sins to God that we change our life’s experiences.

Here is an example of what I mean:

A man sleeps with a girl and gets a sexually transmitted disease. He confesses his sin, receives forgiveness and is supernaturally healed. Sure God never stopped loving him and everything is okay between him and God….he is forgiven. However, the next day he goes back and sleeps with the same girl and gets the same sexually transmitted disease.

This is why Jesus warned a person, “Now you are well; so stop sinning, or something even worse may happen to you.” (John 5:14) Do you see how confession and forgiveness alone were not enough to change his life’s experiences? Repentance is the key to experiencing God’s best and staying on this beautiful street called Love.

Repentance is all about walking in oneness with God.

Any preacher who says you don’t need to repent if you sin, has no clue what he or she is speaking about. This is a preacher who is playing doctrine games and leads people into experiencing destruction. Sadly, preachers who say repentance is not needed, actually need repentance themselves.

Repentance always calls us to turn from sin and believe the Gospel.

The Gospel is what Jesus accomplished for us through His Death, Burial and Resurrection. Faith in the Gospel releases the grace of God that produces good works or holy living in our lives. It is because of the Gospel that we know God’s love and see the hope and value in confession, repentance and forgiveness. Without the Gospel, none of these things would be possible.

Repentance does not mean try harder or try again or try to live good now, rather it is about turning from sin and turning to God’s love. Repentance is all about staying on this straight and narrow street called Love.

I want to encourage you to stay on the straight and narrow road by believing and walking in God’s love and if you ever start to veer of this road – simply repent……

Image Credit: hirotomo cc