Last week during our kids ministry service, there was a child who asked us to get her something to eat. Actually, she didn’t ask, she had more of a one person soap opera, after which we played a nice game of charades in order for her to alert us. She rolled around on the floor crying first for about ten minutes and after the tenth time of the leaders asking what was wrong, she told us that she wanted something to eat. I thought to myself “was the interpretive dance show really necessary? Couldn’t she just ask in a normal way and skip the drama?”

So, I said, “of course we will get you something, right after Kids Ministry is finished.”

Ten minutes later she decided to sit down, put on a sad face and not play with anyone. She thought that by her sitting down and refusing to co-operate that we would be forced to buy her food at that very moment to make her happy.

At that point I was a little upset because it was almost as if she was manipulating us and demanding her way when we clearly said that when the service was finished we would get something.

All she had to do was hold on for about half an hour.

Asking God
Seeking God

This entire incident made me consider how this relates to God as I considered the frustration I felt. However, isn’t it true that sometimes we put on an entire show for God when we want something? It can be that we decide that we will not pray or we will ignore God’s word, or even do the opposite of what He says, until we get what we want.

We become like little brats, trying to bend God’s arm, accusing God and claiming that He doesn’t love us.

We don’t even consider that we can just calmly ask Him whatever we want and trust Him to bring it to pass when it’s the right time, no manipulation necessary.

God probably feels at times like we are manipulating Him.

He says to ask and we shall receive. However, we ask and believe that we will never receive and that we have to force God to do something when He is simply a father who cares. I know that surely we cannot force God to do anything. And it must be really frustrating for Him when we complain and rail accusations at Him when he has said that whatever we ask according to His will, He hears and does. I encourage you, God is not a man that He should lie about His promises. Just ask of Him and you will receive exceedingly, abundantly more than you can even ask for. Wait on Him because if something is not from Him, it will not be the best for you.

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