Beautiful Letdown


Beautiful Letdown, two words that don’t normally go together, yet they so beautifully describe my experience in this world.

Growing up as a teenager I wanted to experience so much, I was so excited about having my first boyfriend, my first party, first dance. The excitement lasted for a while, but once I experienced these things, it was then time to go on to bigger and better. So my excitement was now my first job, my first car and marriage. I’ll admit, I enjoyed my first job, and driving myself to work was pretty cool at 19, and I actually thought I could be married at 21! lol.

Fortunately for me, this world held true to its emptiness.

No matter what experiences I gained or pleasures I encountered, after a while there was always a letdown, an emptiness and longing for more. I never felt fulfilled by the things of this world. It did not take me long to realize that to be satisfied by this world meant I’d be like a bunny rabbit with a dangling carrot constantly in my gaze. Just Like the rabbit would, I got tired, tired of the constant letdowns, so I looked to the One who I knew could satisfy me for sure, the one my heart really longed for, Jesus Christ.

Oh what a beautiful letdown this world is!

It left me thirsty and dry, in search of something that would quench my thirst for true life. It was then that I turned to Jesus, the only one who could give me living water that I would never thirst again, the living word in me, and a well of life that I could draw from always!

I don’t know where you are at in this world, maybe you are still chasing that illusive carrot? As harsh as it may sound, the sooner you get letdown, the better. Many times in life when things seem to be going our way, we see no need for God. Or for some, you use God as a means to an end, but when we get what we want, there’s no more use for Him. I pray you get tired of running around in circles and that you decide to taste true life, only then will you be satisfied and not just for a moment, but for eternity.

Image Credit: jeremkin/gettyimages