Who would you rather be?

From the picture, I would assume that the girl on the right is a “rebel.” The world makes this kind of girl seem cool, different and attractive. However, from what I see, this is a girl who has been hurt, is looking for love and attention through how she dresses, and, thinks she has no worth. Satan has made it look “cool” to be a girl who is seductive and trashy. To be a girl with a lot of “sex appeal” and allure. What Satan is really saying is to sell yourself so that you can be seen by boys and be used by them.

When I look at girl on the left though, I think “wow, a beautiful princess.” She doesn’t need to get the attention of any guy and she is too royal to expose any part of her body. She has her life made in a comfortable royal palace and does not have a single care. She is loved and pure, favored by all she meets and no scruffy-looking boy dare approach her because he will get told off.

Her worth is far above rubies.

I believe most girls desire to be the princess. However, Satan has made this image seem so unattainable and as if just a fairytale for most girls. Most girls because of the past and what people have told them, think that the only image that will ever suit them is the image of the trashy-looking girl.

The gospel brings good news to us however.

The good news is that this image is actually attainable.

You have a Father in heaven, who is a King, who sees you as a girl of great value and believes that you deserve the best. He has a home for you and many riches for you to enjoy. He gives His Angels charge over you and gives you an inheritance. You don’t have to stay stuck in the place of being a “misfit,” “junkie” or “outcast.”

Jesus Christ, the Perfect Prince, came for you, to die for you because you deserve for someone to lay down their life for you. You are that special. God desires to take you out of this world, clean you up, clothe you in himself and make you His. He wants to make you a precious child of God. Therefore, naturally, from your heart, you will be proper and modest, because you are of the great worth you have been given.

So, allow God to heal you and change your heart.

When you are royalty, it will change the way you speak, the way you walk, who your friends are, how you dress… Everything!

Image 1 Credit: stutterstock/Kiseleu Andrey Valerevih
Image 2 Credit: stutterstock/ Thai Soriano