Generational curses are as real as generational blessings. Some children are born into great wealth and never have to lift a finger in their life if they don’t want to. In the same way, some are born into extreme poverty and have to fight just to eat at least one meal per day.

If you recognize a pattern in your family that does not bring about blessings but rather curses, you need to understand that Jesus took every curse on himself when He hung on that tree.

You need to believe that you are blessed because of His inheritance.

If you find yourself falling into the same curses as your forefathers, fight it, Christ has made you new, you don’t need to be like them, walk in your heavenly father’s inheritance that was purchased for you on Calvary.

Who’s blood do you think is stronger?

Your earthly parents or the Son of God? Jesus’ blood makes you free from sin, righteous, holy, healed, sanctified. These are the traits you’ve inherited from your Daddy. Its your choice really, which inheritance you choice to claim.

Image credits: shutterstock rmnoa357