Being born into a business-savvy family with generations of wealth would be a blessing to anyone, to not have to worry about buying your first home or car, as well as being able to provide for your family before you even have one… lol. These are indeed generational blessings.

You would be foolish however, to believe in generational blessings and not in generational curses. Just as you can be born into a family with wealth, you can be born into a family with generations of poverty and suffering.

Have you ever been to the doctor and they asked you if your parents suffer from certain diseases?

Why do you think they ask these questions?

Doctors understand generational curses better than we do, they know that a curse of sickness can be transferred to you through your parents DNA. What exactly do we do to inherit generational blessings or curses? Nothing. We’re simply born into our families, no one has a choice as to which family they want to be born into.

Today I have great news! We have all been given the opportunity to be adopted into the family of the most High God, where there are no curses, only blessings.

Jesus Christ Himself bore all our diseases and poverty, He even defeated the curse of death for us.

As a child of God, you do not have to suffer under any curse from your family lineage, the blood of Jesus has removed every impurity that sin has caused.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose your family, your blood line?

Well if you’re reading this today, I’m happy to tell you that you can. You can be born again in the spirit, born into the family of God, you’ll be a joint heir with Jesus and bound to no curse from your forefathers. The grace of God equips us with the power to break generational curses. You may have grown up seeing your father watching porn all of your life, and this mayjust have became the norm for you, but Jesus has given us the power to break every addiction and stronghold. You now have the power to choose righteousness, because righteousness is part of your inheritance as the family of Christ.

In the family of God, whom the Son sets free,is free indeed. Now go and walk in your freedom and pass on generational blessings to your children and generations to come.

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