Yes, I’m talking about New Year’s Day in the middle of the year. It’s because New Year’s Day used to be one of my favorite occasions. I loved it more than Christmas. Every year I made sure to have the best New Year’s Day possible.

I mean, who doesn’t want a chance to start over, a chance to make resolutions and vows that you probably won’t keep, and the thrill of what lies ahead. Like I said, I love New Year’s Day and long for it every year…

It’s almost as if I imagine myself having a chance to become a new me.

To be clean, exercise, eat healthy and live a perfect life. For the first couple days, I manage to do just that. Then the newness wears off and discouragement sets in and I decide to wait until the next year. However, I’ve been doing some thinking recently when I realized that I just wanted New Year’s day to be here again.

One day as I was lying down just talking to God, He said, this is the day I made, rejoice and be glad in it… Now, everyone knows this verse, it’s a verse that is said maybe every day in every prayer and sometimes after hearing it so much, it loses meaning. But, in that moment, God brought meaning to that verse for me.

I began to imagine God, taking his time, to fashion each and every single day, to fashion events and create an experience for me in each and every day. Not just the beginning of every year.

The bible says that He planned for each day before I lived any of them.

I realized that the way God thinks is so different to the way humans think. In His word, God says that His mercies are new every morning. So, then I realized that maybe it shouldn’t just be at the beginning of the year that I have this hope for exciting new adventures and better habits, but God wants us to have this hope every single day. A hope for mercy and grace and a hope to start over. Every single day He wants us to look forward to what that day will hold, not be afraid of what will happen or dread the day, but have a hope that new things will take place and better things will happen. You can experience New Year’s Day, every day. Not just once a year. That way, if you blew your resolutions, you can start over. You don’t have to wait till January 1st 2015.

Image credit: Shutterstock Korovina Daria