Did you know that you are the only one person like yourself to ever walk on the earth? No story is like yours, no personality is like yours and there is no one who looks just like you do.

However, for many years now, people have been made to feel uncomfortable with themselves. I don’t know if it started with media and messages that said you had to change yourself to “get the guy.” Or, maybe it started with parents encouraging children to work extra hard so that they could “be a success.”

Whatever it is, the message has never been “God is your creator, honor Him” and this is so dangerous. Because, if we’re so busy comparing ourselves to others, and following other people’s routines, when will we start to live the life that God wants us to live?

Each person is made to have a unique walk with God.

Don’t rob yourself of this joy by comparing yourself to others and trying to fit into their mold. I always hear people say ” I would die for hair like that girl” or, ” I wish I had that person’s personality.” They live in a world where they don’t understand that God made them to be who they are and it really doesn’t have anything to do with them.

You should always know who you are and what you stand for, so that way when the people around you are going astray, you won’t blindly follow.

You will only be able to stand for what you believe if you are comfortable with yourself.

Many times we know ourselves and who we are around other people but, what about getting to know who you are in Christ? The only time you will figure out who you are is when your life is hidden in Him.

Then you will be able to be comfortable with yourself and trust Him. You will be able to trust His plan for you and trust that He is leading you, rather than being led by what friends say. He accepts you and is working with you and He loves you, so trust Him.

Image Credit: shutterstock/luminaimages