Yes, I am about to enter into some very deep waters… a very controversial topic, that I can only fully cover by God’s grace. After hearing endless stories of people converting to homosexuality and reading about Bruce Jenner’s trans-gender conversion, I’ve been really inspired to share some things.

Before I knew Jesus, and thank God I know Him now, I so thank God I know Him… I can recall a conversation I had with my 5 best friends around a table at a restaurant. Now, everyone knows that best friends share what’s on their heart, with no reserve, because, hey, those are your best friends, they are supposed to know you inside out!

Well, that night we were touching on the usual gossip – who got together, who broke up, who did something embarrassing etc. Somehow the conversation lead to a girl who was dating a guy and all of us girls started to talk about her (in a way you will only do with your best friends) “She is sooo pretty! I wish I had her hair etc. etc. etc.” After spending so much time talking about this girl we all looked at ourselves with shock…

One girl finally opened her mouth and said “We just spent so long talking about a girl! We must be lesbians!”

The worst part was we all looked at her and laughed and laughed and said “I was wondering the same thing! It must be true!” I can only speak for myself when I say that I did this in a casual manner… But the thoughts followed me throughout the following days. Thoughts would pop into my head like “Whoa, what if I’m really a lesbian” and I would begin to question myself.

I also remember a boy in school. He liked to sing. That was it, he just liked to sing and he had a high voice. He wasn’t allowed to watch certain TV shows and so he didn’t always know what the other boys were talking about. Soon enough, at the age of 8, he was labelled as homosexual. This poor child, after being labelled by people around him, I’m sure he would have faced thoughts like “What if that’s really true then…”

Sometimes Satan puts thoughts into your mind, and if he can’t get to you that way, he sends situations in your life to shape your identity. 

Thank God that in Jesus Christ there is truth, ABUNDANT truth. I really know of no other way to face either of these situations but through Jesus Christ. I know now, the devil is a liar. That was the voice of SATAN I was hearing that night, telling me “What if I am really a lesbian?”

People who are in the world believe that Satan pops up in your room at night with his pitch fork to possess you, well, while that may be true, the more common thing is Satan pops up in your thoughts, while you are alone, to give you his LIES. He may even use people around you to give you his LIES.

Honestly, if you entertain thoughts like “What if I’m a lesbian, my best friend is a lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian, I eat soy, by now it would have made me a lesbian, wow, that must make me a lesbian!” and you never rise up and rebuke it, Obviously, as time goes by, You will give in to the thoughts and conform to them.

Satan works with your mind and tries to get you to live out his lies.

For a long time, Satan has tried to make lesbianism common among girls in a subtle way. I remember the day Katy Perry released a song called “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” Before that, such things were unheard of, scorned and looked down up. Satan got a popular artist that girls admired to sing it, and all of a sudden, it became cool. At slumber parties, girls all of a sudden wanted to kiss each other for fun. Of course one kiss leads to one thought “What if I’m a lesbian?” One thought leads to an entire life of destruction.

As for the transgender stuff, growing up, I was a sort of tomboy. I used to wear my dad’s clothes, I used to wear sneakers, and I used to want to be in a rock band… I always found it strange that I wanted to be like the male singers instead of the female singers… So, one day Satan put the thought into my head “What if you were really meant to be a man, I mean, look you dress like a boy, you act boyish” Good Lord, thank God He saved me from the demonic oppression.

Thank God I never acted on any of those satanic thoughts, and today I know the truth and I am free.

As I grew in the Lord, I realized that the root of me “acting tom boyish” per say, was a spirit of rejection. Because of situations in my childhood, I grew up thinking that I would receive more love if I was born a boy. These things though, were strategically placed in my life by Satan to destroy my life. Today God has saved my life. I am a girl. I love being a girl. I’m a girly girl too, that’s the way Jesus made me and loves me.

Maybe Satan has used abuse, hurt, words spoken to you by your parents or peers to make you question yourself?

Listen, if you are wondering if you are a boy/ girl, I’m pretty sure God has made it clear and given you evidence of what He wants you to be. It’s strange to me how scientists spend all of this time looking for evidence that God exists. They say He is invisible, although there is creation and make up demonic theories such as evolution and the Big Bang theory. However, no one can deny that there is visible evidence concerning what gender you are supposed to be. Who can deny that?

It just goes to show you that people do not believe in God because they do not want to.

Not because there is no evidence! You will believe you are homosexual because you want to, not because there is no evidence! And, if there is evidence, rebel against Satan and His lies! Rise up and rebuke the devil! If you desire to be a different gender, perhaps, you believe that you would receive more love or be accepted if you were a different gender. However, I want you to know that the answer is in Jesus Christ. You were made by Him and He will love you. You don’t need to change your gender.

If you are wondering if you are a lesbian, I will tell you the same thing. If Jesus made you a woman, you are supposed to be with a man. That is the way God made it. I am telling you the truth. You can easily believe this truth and use it to fight off the lies Satan will try to put into your mind. I need you to know this. Jesus came to set the captives free.

You don’t have to be a slave to your thoughts and the situations in your life.

Jesus is the way out. If you are having homosexual thoughts, I would like you to give this a try:

Say “In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke homosexual thoughts. That is NOT who I am, I am who Jesus says I am, I will do what Jesus wants for my life.”

I want you to know that Satan puts thoughts into people’s minds. They are called lies. Jesus is the truth. If you seek Him today, He will give you the truth that will set you free. He has the love that you need for healing and deliverance in your life. He says that He has given you power over ALL the power of Satan. Satan was defeated on the cross. There are answers for you. Come before God with the sincerity of your heart and ask Him for change today. It will not start in a church, but in your heart.

If you are struggling with homosexuality, let’s get practical. Spend some time in the word of God. Let’s take a break from friends who are homosexuals. Let’s stop watching the shows that reinforce these things. Let’s spend sometime filling our minds with truth and praying! You can be free!

Image Credit: Depositphotos