Last week, I had a experienced something heart-breaking (*sobs*)

One of my best friends left the country.

I don’t know who else has experienced this with University season here again… But it’s not nice. We were friends for about 9 years.

However! It got me thinking a lot. A lot about FRIENDSHIP.

It’s not like we ever had a perfect relationship or even had everything right (or even close.) It’s not like there weren’t times when we didn’t fight, stop talking to each other and really, REALLY hurt each other.

But, what made this friendship special to me was that she was someone that I grew up with… She was there from Day 1 in High School, back when we were miserable, annoying and too into Disney Channel for our own good (back when Disney was okay.)

We have MEMORIES together…

She was there the first time I ever sang in front of an audience, which at the time was my biggest dream ever. She was there the first time I ever cut my hair really short, which was one of my worst fears. She was right next to me every time I got sent to the principal’s office and she was there later in the night when we would call each other and cry because we got banned for splashing volcano juice on the teachers.

Truly, there is something special about someone who is there throughout the significant times in your life and can love you the same. Someone who you can look back with and laugh and say ‘Boy was I stupid!’

And, when I think about it, that’s what makes any relationship something special. It’s experiencing different things over time and overcoming together!

Actually, the relationship I see it in the most now, is my relationship with God. Some people when they get saved, they hear all sorts of crazy things like ‘how long do you think this will last?’ as if God is some temporary fling. Or some people say ‘You know…when I first became a Christian I was so passionate about God, but now it’s kind of boring.’ As if God was just meant to make your life exciting.

With any relationship, it’s the trials that make a relationship. They are what strengthen you and help you to grow in a stable and enduring love.

One of the tests of friendship is a concept I like to call the ‘You going to leave too?’ concept. It’s like Jesus when He told everyone to eat Him because He is the bread of life. People ran away from Him and left and He looked at a few people standing before Him and said ‘will you leave too?’

The test of a true friend is if you will be there at the end of the day NO MATTER WHAT.

For me, when I gave my life to Jesus Christ, all of my friends left. But, you know what, the friend who I’m writing about was still there… and I think she was the only one. When people spoke badly, she wouldn’t join in and she respected my decisions. Thankfully, she even gave her life to Jesus Christ!

What I know for sure, is that God is someone who promises to be around NO MATTER WHAT. So, there is no reason for me to leave Him! If you ever leave Him, it will show if you were His friend for who He is,or for what He could give to you… And no one likes someone who only wants to be their friend because they are rich, popular or good-looking.

The best thing you can ever have is a relationship with God. He is faithful, caring, gentle, forgiving and a constant in our lives.

Don’t try to compare yourself to others. Sometimes we can see someone who prays for the sick and they are healed. Or we can hear someone who prays for 10 hours a day and so much more. Don’t let that define your relationship with God and don’t feel discouraged and say ‘I will never have something like that!’… God is looking for you, for how you would love Him in your own way and with a sincere heart.

I say, and you will figure out a relationship with God as time goes by. Seek Him for yourself and He will strengthen you, speak to you and reveal himself.

You may read something in the bible and know that you are sinning. You can go before Him and be real… Tell him exactly how it is, exactly how you feel. You can cry with Him and be transparent.

Like any relationship, I’d say that it’s really over time you get to know someone, so NEVER give up on a relationship with God.

In a few years you will look back and see how He has changed you. You will have MEMORIES.

God teaches us all about relationships and our lives should be built on a relationship with Him. I think the reason many marriages fail is because they missed the whole point of relationship i.e. the ‘for better or for worse’ stuff. We can NEVER even learn about that without God because we won’t even know what it looks like. In the entire world, the only place you can find it is THE CROSS!

Relationship is something you have to work on and something you have to contend for!

You have to fight against all the impure voices in the world that say ‘How long do you think this God- thing will last?’

You have to be willing to say ‘I’ll be someone who is still around NO MATTER WHAT.’

If you don’t have a relationship with God, a good place to start is your bible. Or you can even just sit down and talk to Him. Whatever you do, contend for true friendship!

Image Credit: Wiertz Sébastien cc