In 2007 my life was going good, I had a great job, good health, a wonderful family and I was going to church every weekend. Every thing I prayed for would eventually come through. However, I always felt as if something was still missing in my life. My job was priority right after my family and I placed God somewhere after that. In other words I didn’t put Him first in my life.

In March 2008, I gave my life to Christ. That is when I found what I was missing all that time.

I began to understand how much God loved me, that he sent His Son to die for me so that I may have eternal life. This was the best feeling I have ever had. I then placed Him as number one in my life, my family second and my job came afterwards.

Something happened at work that caused me to feel pressured and I prayed to God for less stress in my workplace. It so happened that upon returning from vacation in April 2008, I was advised that by month end I was going to be transferred as a Relief Officer, to work at other branches when necessary. My first thought was “Why me? This will just disrupt my entire life!” Then I remembered that I prayed for peace at work and I decided to leave it in God’s hands. A friend gave me a prophetic word and he told me that God wanted me to go to all these different offices to spread His word.

Now I have grown so much closer to my Lord and I am spending much more time with Him. Sometimes I could hear him telling me what to do, who to speak to, where to go. It is awesome.

What I have learned is that if we put our trust in God and not in ourselves, He will do wonders for us, things we could never even begin to imagine

At the end of April 2008, my first stint was in Central Trinidad – Couva. It was one of the best places that I had ever worked. Next stop was East Trinidad – Arima and that was better than Couva which I thought could not be possible. So far I have worked in seven different offices and each one gets better and better every time. I meet so many wonderful people. A lot of them are Christians and we are able to talk about God. I never knew that there were so many Christians in Trinidad. It is so magnificent meeting new co-workers and customers and being able to talk to them about Jesus Christ.

God bless.

Image Credit: Daniel Y cc