Hey I want to share a dream that I recently had that ministered to me..

I was in a city that looked like a mall. The floor of the city was made of tiles and there was some kind of creature that would come up from underneath the tiles. When it was safe, the tiles glowed blue and when the creature was coming, they glowed red. There was panic and the people would run when they saw it turning red.

I decided that this was not the city for me and began to make my exit.

As I was leaving, I saw various tiles turning red and quickly stepped on the blue tiles as I made my way out. I reached the edge of the city and it was like a desert.

A crowd gathered at the edge of the city and they all warned me saying  “no one goes this way. It is where the creature lives.” So, I thought to myself  “I am not going to play checkers with the devil.” So I grabbed my wife and my daughter and we headed out into the desert.

Some of the crowd began to follow and began screaming at us, “don’t go this way, no one goes this way, it is not safe, turn back!”. Wow, their voices were very, very, very compelling. I had my wife and daughter with me so it was a battle to determine what to do, but I felt I was on the right track. I wondered if I could withstand their appeals, so I began to shout for myself and my family to hear :

“keep moving forward, keep moving forward, keep moving forward!”

I noticed the guy closest behind us, who was shouting eventually stopped shouting at us and quietly began to walk with us. The people who were shouting at us began to grow more and more silent and there was a sense that everyone was now walking with us.

I kept on saying for my own motivation “Keep Moving Forward!”

Finally, the desert cleared and we saw a beautiful pitch road with lines painted. Great joy filled us. There was a sense of overcoming – the desert gave way to a straight and narrow road. The dream ended.

So this is what I want to share with you. Keep moving forward, every desert in your life will give way to God’s plan.

When Satan speaks – don’t be silent but open your mouth and keep moving forward! Your steps have been ordered by God – Keep Moving Forward!

Image Credit: stutterstock/phloxii