I remember being a very young girl and my only thought regarding church attendance being “I can’t wait to be old enough to never have to go to a church again.” I just couldn’t understand how so many people had the energy and endurance to do something so absolutely boring each week. I didn’t understand how people could sit down for such a long time and pretend to like the rituals and say the same prayers. And today, I still don’t understand it.

Truth be told, the God I grew up around was always really plain, boring and dull. I didn’t really want to be friends with Him- especially if Jesus really looked the way He did in some pictures.

Of course, as I grew older, I realized that there was a life to be lived.

The more I lived my life though, the more I realized that what made life exciting was love.

You could have good grades, good looks, a lot of money, but without friendship and someone to love, life is just as dull and boring as being in a church. Even movie producers know that the only thing that makes a movie interesting is love. Hence, even in horror movies, there is the love element. So, the search began. I sought out friends, acceptance and relationships.

The bad thing though about being on a search for love in the world, is that you always end up with a broken heart. You end up loving people who don’t love you back; you are hurt and betrayed by friends. But one day, I came know God for myself. I was totally shocked to know that My God was a God who actually wasn’t dull. He loved colour and creativity. He loved passion and excitement.

Most of all, He had perfect love.

I met a God who once parted an ocean for a guy. He stopped the sun and the rain for others. He did teleportation for Phillip and picked up Elijah in a chariot. He sent down fire from heaven for a guy and made a donkey talk to protect His people. I met a God who was willing to do literally anything because He loved His people. He even sent His only Son to die for us on a cross. I met a God who was completely in love with us. And when I think about it, there’s nothing that really sets these people apart from me and you. They had their issues too, but God loved them in such radical ways. It makes me excited to think about what He is willing to do for me in my life.

More than all of that, I saw people who had a crazy love for their God.

I saw a guy who was sentenced to be fed to lions for His God. Three guys got thrown into a fire, a girl risked her life, and another guy was ready to give up his son. There are so many more, but with such an intense love that God has for us, how could life ever get boring? It makes me wonder about the things He has done and will do for me and I think about the radical things I can do for Him. It’s truly a love story.

I encourage you, if your Christian walk has felt boring and like a ritual, forget everything you know and begin a real walk with Jesus Christ. A walk where you can put your faith in Him in radical ways and have the true love that this world is searching for.

Image Credit: dydcheung cc