Growing up was a bit rough… I was raised in a home where everything had to be perfect. However, from the day I was born, nothing really was. My birth was an accident and from then on, most other things I did resulted in accidents.

My best friends called me a “reverse Midas. ” Midas was a guy in Greek mythology where everything he touched turned to gold, but apparently in my life, everything I touched “turned to crap” as cleverly put by my friends.

What a wonderful story my school had decided to do for literature that year.

I learned to accept this identity over my life because even when I tried my hardest, there was still fault. So, what do you know, I stopped trying. I prophesied over my life that I was a failure. I would just attract situations that would bring failure. Even though I had learned to accept this, it caused a lot of hurt and depression in my life.

Luckily for me though, one day I heard the gospel. I heard that a blessing of Abraham that was mine through Jesus Christ, was that everything you put your hands to do would be blessed rather than cursed.

I heard that I could do all things through Christ who strengthened me.

These truths really gave me the encouragement I needed in my life to try again.

When I got rid of the familiar company that surrounded me, constantly calling me a failure, I began to do things in the sight of God. And I knew that because He loved me, what I did was perfect in His eyes.

Getting rid of the company that surrounds you and is calling you a failure is one of the first steps to disowning this identity in your life. It’s good to take some time away,surround yourself with people who will encourage you and get to know the new you, rather than being around people accustomed to and reinforcing the old you.

Another thing I learned was that you don’t have to be perfect at everything.

God placed you in His body as it pleased Him and the things He called you to do, you will be great at. At the same time, the things He called you to do, you’ll be great at even if you don’t think you can be!

God has blessed me in the areas of my weaknesses. Somehow, the things that I was bad at are what God used. For example, singing, writing, dealing with kids, talking in front of people. I know for sure, that were it not for Christ, my life would be in a totally opposite direction.

Lastly, Satan will always try to attack your life with familiar things. Because that spirit was so much a part of my life, at times situations would happen that would cause me to begin to think that way again or I would have a dream and I wake up feeling like a failure. The Holy Spirit however,always alerts me that it’s an attack of the enemy and points me to the new person that I am and have become in Christ.

Image Credit: Shutterstock Samuel Borges Photography