How many of you know that you can do a really great job of destroying your life by the age of 17? For most people, they have barely lived a quarter of the average life span, and their life is in chaos. There are girls who get pregnant outside of marriage, there are boys who waste their lives smoking, people who make enemies and get themselves into horrible situations. Then by the age of 20, they look back and say ” I never thought things would end up like this…”

What great despair and hopelessness there is in such a situation. To know that you have to live with your mistakes and to know that “what goes around comes around.”

What a painful thing it is to live with regrets and desperately wish that you had one more chance to do life over.

Well, actually, there is another chance. It’s my desire to tell you that today, you can have a second chance at life. You are free to allow Jesus to wash away the past with His blood and give you a new start. He is there to take away every regret. The Bible says that He makes ALL things new.

If you need a fresh start in your life, turn to Jesus. He is giving you a chance to make better choices, starting with Him.

I know many people who wasted their lives. They made a total mess of their life by the age of 17. Their lives consisted only of smoking, parties etc. People who made reckless choices, didn’t spend their time in school, but in the end, they found Jesus Christ, and He let them start over. Today they are total successes. I myself cannot imagine where I would be, if it were not for God, giving me a second chance at life by His Son.

You don’t have to live with regrets and believe that what goes around comes around. You can believe that Jesus will step in and make all things new!

Image Credit: stutterstock/KhushiAnn