Dare I say it? Yes I shall, the taboo word is: “relationships”. I got this topic from a friend’s status, which said – “I have to kiss a few frogs before I can meet my prince”, and it got me thinking “do I really want warts?” I will have to admit; I too, took a handful off the lily pads but threw half of them back into the water. One of them I actually considered and the other jumped out of my hand. All in all, I’m thankful because now I have a deeper relationship with God and to be honest I don’t know if that might have been true if i kept on chasing frogs.

Anyway, back to the topic: “relationships”.

You know, a while back I was reading the book of Genesis and there are two people that really stood out to me. The first, Adam, was so busy doing the work God had given him, that he did not know he was alone. It was God who said it wasn’t right for man to be alone and then made Eve.

I really want you to get this. Adam didn’t go kissing frogs or looking for princesses, and could you blame him for not even bothering to look? God walked and talked with him. He was one of the few people who saw God’s glory.

There is a scripture verse that goes like this (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘seek God first and all things shall be added to you’. I guess Adam is one who really epitomizes that verse, God did add to him.

The second person is Isaac, another person who didn’t even have to look. He was lucky enough to have someone look for him. (Now I just want to clarify something. I’m not saying to go on blind dates that your friends may set up. We’re talking about frogs not snakes.) Abraham’s servant was sent on Isaac’s behalf to Abraham’s father’s land. And the servant prayed to God to send him that person that God would have to be Isaac’s future bride. And sure enough, God sent Rebekah to him that very moment.

There are a few things I realized about these two incidents:

  1. No one went after frogs, hope you got that.
  2. God provided a companion.
  3. They both were seeking God when their companions came.
  4. And this one I didn’t mention, in both cases their mates had everything they needed (Although they weren’t perfect).

So here is my suggestion to everyone seeking a husband or a wife. (No common-law relationships please they’re not godly).

Seek God First and His will for your life and He will provide a prince or a princess.

Just a thought.

Image Credit: shutterstock/light spring