This is what seduction looks like:

For the non- Christian:

You wear your underwear everywhere you go (or you might as well.) You are very touchy when it comes to guys. You stand in a way that says ‘It’s a free-for-all.’ You sit on guys laps, flirt with every guy, get real close and the list goes on and on!

The Christian version:

You wear clothes that cover fairly enough, but you make sure to show off your curves, wear something off the shoulders, show a little cleavage or wear a skirt that is mid-thigh. You intentionally sit close to guys, touch them slightly, bat your eyelashes or try to get alone with the person. You stand close, talk in a seductive tone.

Now, girls have many ways of doing these things, but that was a very brief list.

At the end of everything, seduction is just you, going out of your way to get a boy’s attention. Seduction looks one way, but there is a deeper dimension underlying the spirit of seduction and it is a voice that speaks over your life.

This is what the voice says:

“I have to work to be loved”

“I am not good enough to be loved just the way I am, flaws and all”

“No one will ever love me or care for me.”

“I am of no value.”

You may disagree with me, but I’ll prove that what I am saying is right.

If you were loved and you were the center of attention and you knew that no matter what you did, someone saw you as perfect and loved you, despite every flaw, would you ever feel the need to seduce a guy? Would you ever need to get his attention to feel accepted? I don’t think you would.

Now for the perfectly wonderful news and the way to freedom!


Jesus Christ, while you were horrible, disgusting, had a warped mind, filthy, impure, a failure and a total mess, looked at you and saw something worthwhile in you. He looked at you and called you BEAUTIFUL. He looked at you and said ‘that is someone I will give my life for.’ This is the gospel. That while you were at your very worst, God loved you with all of his heart. Now you can know that no matter how bad you are, no matter where you have been or what you have done, you are loved. The search is over! You don’t need to find someone who will love you anymore, you have it!

God sees you and sees that there is value in you, even at your very worst.

He came to make you brand new and to make you His own. He came to give you the ENTIRE kingdom of heaven. He came to make you royalty and He says that because of Him you can be pure, holy, beautiful, loved, perfect, accepted, complete and special.

So now that you are so pure (through the blood of Jesus Christ) and so special to him, there is never a need for you to desperately seek attention from a guy!

The saddest part about seduction is that, if a girl gets a guy to submit to her, entertain her, flirt with her, for that second she thinks it is love. She thinks ‘maybe I’ve finally found someone who can love me and give me the attention I need.’ But, it really is heart breaking when another girl passes with the same tricks and wins that guy over and you realize it wasn’t true love. You realized that you gave your heart away to someone that you had to pay to stay… and eventually you run out of money.

Ladies, you will never have to seduce your husband to keep him.

If you wait on God, he will give you a husband who is head over heels for you, will do anything for you, will pursue and chase after you will all his heart, and will treat you like royalty. He will shower you with perfect gifts and have a pure love for you which will treat you like a treasure, even on your worst day. And, even if it never happens, you already have all of that in Jesus Christ!

Any guy who cares about you, will never make you dress inappropriately. He will beg you to be fully covered and will tell you if you are dressed inappropriately. He will never put you in an uncomfortable position or make you compromise your purity. He would never pressure you to do something wrong and would have the utmost respect for you.

You know why? It’s cause that’s how you treat royalty.

I say God’s ways are higher and His ways truly are perfect.

It’s time to fight against those voices that want to tell you that you are worthless and believe who you are in Christ Jesus! His love is for free, you don’t have to pay for it.

Image Credit:Shutterstock/Inna Harlamoff
Image Credit: Moyan_Brenn cc