A Very Merry Christmas to all! What a wonderful time of year when the entire world focuses of the birth of The King of Kings, Jesus Christ. I pray that you are all filled with the love of Christ and that you feel His presence daily in your lives. Jesus was born on this earth so that we could walk in total freedom in the world. He overcame this world and has empowered us to do the same. He was also born so that He could die in our place, pay for our sins, and suffer for our sickness.

Oh let us give thanks unto our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; He has done great things for us. Thank you Lord for humbling yourself to the frailty of man, that we could be partakers of the Glory of God!


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Onikka Narine
Onikka brings a fresh and inspiring perspective to her articles and blogs. Additionally, she is a playwright, directing, producing and authoring plays such as The Last Flight. Onikka is married to Kirwin Narine and is the mother of a beautiful daughter name Kristin.