Two weeks ago my, wife, Susan, was diagnosed with the Dengue Fever. One of her main symptoms, besides the fever and body pain, was vomiting. She was so ill that she stopped eating for two days and even if she took a little sip of water, she would bring it right back up. On Sunday morning, I went to the pharmacy to get some Gravol suppositories for her as she was not keeping the tablets down and the pharmacist told me that if this did not work, I could take her to the public hospital to get a Gravol injection.

I remember God saying to me: “Gerald, you truly believe that I sent My Son to die for your sins. If only you could believe that He bore your sicknesses and pains on the cross too. It is already taken care of; you just have to receive it.” I told my wife this and we spent a lot of time in prayer that day.

Later in the afternoon, we noticed that Susan was bringing up some yellowish, greenish stuff and decided that we should go to the hospital so that she could get the Gravol shot to stop the vomiting.

I believe in the power of prayer.

I began texting my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for her. On our way to the public hospital, I believe that the Holy Spirit was directing me to go to a certain private hospital and I followed the instructions accordingly. Upon arrival at this facility, I spoke with the receptionist inquiring how to get a Gravol injection and she informed me that Susan will first have to be examined by a doctor.

After doing some blood tests, the doctor advised us that an injection would not be the best thing for her, as it could cause her to bleed internally and he was insistent that she should be admitted to the hospital, to be placed on intravenous drips to put back the necessary fluids in her body. I realized then, that this is why God led us to this place and not the public hospital and after some prayer for guidance we agreed to have her admitted.

Prayers were pouring in from all over.

Everyone I spoke with, I reminded them to keep Susan in their prayers and they did just that. I thank God especially for Kirwin, the leader of our ministry, who came to the hospital even before she was assigned a room, to pray with her and anoint her with oil. A nurse who was waiting to attend to Susan while we were praying with her told me afterwards that prayer was the best medicine. I later found out that this nurse, Ms. Ruthman, was a devoted Christian and although she was a mid-wife working in the maternity section, she would pass by everyday to check up on Susan, to make sure that she was comfortable. So I knew that she was getting the best care there at the time and we did not cease praying.

Monday night, after visiting hours, I returned home and although I spent the whole day with Susan, I was really missing her at home. I woke up about 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning to pray and I asked God, “Why is this happening?” The response was so clear and precise that I did not bother to whine about it or doubt. He said, “You need to appreciate her some more. Yes, you love her, but you sometimes take her for granted.” Then He said, “I want her to be alone with Me for a while and when she draws near to Me, I will draw near to her. I will never leave her nor forsake her, so do not worry.” From that moment onwards, I understood clearly that God was in control.

He was working it all out for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose.

On Tuesday, I told Susan what had happened earlier that morning and I apologized for taking her for granted. She understood what was happening and began to put her trust in God. This was the first day in four days that she did not vomit and she now started to take sips of water. She also had some porridge that night, so we were praying that she would be discharged the next day. Prayers continued to be poured in for Susan’s healing from our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Now on Wednesday morning, when I arrived at the hospital, the doctor had just seen Susan and he told her that her platelets had dropped to 73 from 143 when she first came in on Sunday. He indicated to her that he wanted her to stay that evening to run another set of tests and once the platelets started to go back up, he would release her. In the same breath, he told her that he was taking her off the drips and that she would be back to her normal self in 3 to 4 days.

I asked her how she felt and she told me she was feeling much better, but she was now very uncomfortable being confined to this small room with a lot of construction noise going on outside. Not to mention that every time the doctor came in to look at her, there was a fee of $1,000.00 for him spending under 2 minutes and telling her that he doesn’t have a magic pill to give her to cure the disease.

So we prayed for wisdom.

We felt that the Lord was saying to us, “Who are you going to trust, Me or the doctors?”

Immediately, I went to the head nurse and told her that I wanted Susan to be discharged. She said that the doctor had to give them the okay to release a patient and they called him to let him know. He asked to speak to me on the phone and he told me that he wanted her to do a next set of tests to show that the platelets were going up before he released her. I had to tell him respectfully, no sir, she has to go home now, she is healed and I am taking her home right now. He indicated that we would have to sign a letter stating that if anything happened to her, he would not be held responsible. I agreed to this and I thanked him for his services.

The power of prayer

We had to spend another two hours there waiting for them to sort out all the bills etc. All this time, the enemy was trying to torment our minds with thoughts like, are you doing the correct thing, suppose she gets worse, what if she starts back vomiting?

We had to rebuke these spirits of doubt and unbelief from attacking us and we started to use the Word of God to overcome the enemy. We kept declaring “By the stripes of Jesus Christ she is healed”. This is what I believe the Lord was showing me from the beginning of the ordeal. He was showing me that not only did Jesus Christ die for our sins, but He wanted me to believe that Jesus Christ has already healed us and it was up to us to receive it. Yes indeed, we received it.

On Friday, I took Susan back to another doctor to get a medical leave certificate as she was still very weak. When the doctor took a look at the four days test reports from the hospital which we brought for her, she said to me that this patient needs to be hospitalized immediately. I told her quite politely, “No my dear, she is healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ, all we want from you is a sick leave certificate and a letter to do the tests over, to confirm that Susan is okay. This doctor, thank God, knew about the Lord and she agreed to go along with our request. She was also very concerned so she gave us her cell phone number to call her as soon as we got back the results. By this time, Susan was having a little piece of toast and drinking small measures of soup to build up her strength. When we did the blood test on Friday morning, the platelets were back up to 190. Praise God!

We received confirmation that she was healed.

Following this experience, I have learnt not to take my wife for granted, she has come to have a closer relationship with the Lord and altogether, we both have more faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that by His stripes, we are healed. I suppose that our healing is like food laid out on a table in another room and it is there for anyone who wants to partake of it. Someone says to you, hey, there is food on the table in the next room for anyone to eat. You can choose to believe it and take it, or believe it and not take any, or you may even choose not to believe it. But obviously, if you do not take from it, you will not get any. I pray that we will all believe and receive. Finally, on behalf of Susan, Sarah and myself, we want to thank each and every one who prayed for Susan’s healing. We love you guys and we truly believe in the power of prayers.

God bless.

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