Let’s say I was telling you the story of Sleeping Beauty. Everyone knows that story, right? A young girl, a witch, she pricks her finger (I think) and she falls asleep forever.

Let’s just say that I ended the story like that… but that isn’t the full story. In the end, she really meets her prince who kisses her and they have a happy ending.

Wouldn’t it be lame if I left out that great ending and just said that she fell asleep forever?

It’s just like the story about Jesus and the adulterous woman. So many people end the story with Jesus saying “and neither do I condemn you” or “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

They leave out the best part! They leave out the happily ever after! They leave out where Jesus says “Go and sin no more.”

Many people leave it out because they just want to justify their sin. More than that, they want it to seem like Jesus is okay with it too, but it’s not okay because there’s more to the story. I’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge because you sin differently than I do.” I don’t even think that statement makes that much sense.

Jesus said “go and sin no more” because it’s possible. I can imagine that for an adulterous woman, she would have an idea of the filth of her sin: seducing another woman’s husband, destroying a family…. She could even felt trapped if it was a lifestyle for her.

Oh, but what freedom she has when Jesus lets her know that she doesn’t have to carry the weight of her sin anymore! What freedom it is to not have to ever go back to that lifestyle of destruction and torment!

And that’s the beautiful fairy tale (but it’s really reality) ending people miss when they only say that Jesus didn’t condemn her.

So, that is officially the full story of that adulterous woman and I pray that you experience the fullness of that freedom in your life! The freedom of never having to go back to the things of the past.

Image Credit: shutterstock/travellight