Every girl wants a guy who, when she runs away, or storms off, will come chasing after her and refuse to let her go.

How much more has God done this for His beloved when he said that if one of His sheep goes astray, He will leave the rest to find that one sheep. Of course, however, you have your choice at the end of the day. After He chases after you, will you still reject Him?

What is it that has entered into the heart of a backslider that even when God chases after you, you will not return?

I love the story of Hosea and Gomer, where Hosea married Gomer as a prostitute. He put her to live in a godly house and united her to the royal things of God, but she still preferred her old way of living.

This caused her to run away from Him and back to the things she really loved. And what do you know? The man of God chased after her and bought her back himself.

Sometimes we believe a lie about God. At times we are blinded to His truth and His love. The bible says that you cannot have two masters. Either you will hate one and love the other. Don’t be a Christian that is with God, but really hates Him and in your heart you love the world. Eventually you will turn to what you love in the end. Seek God’s love so you can love Him.

True love only comes from God, not friends, not parents and not boys and it’s for free.

You can begin to dethrone idols in your life when you believe that your God is greater and that your God can do more for you than any idol ever can. It takes a heart that is set on truth and eternity to overcome the things of this world. Surely God still cares and is waiting for your return.

If you consider yourself a “backslider” and you want to return to truth, you firstly need to see yourself the way God sees you to endure through. You can’t see yourself as a pathetic, weak, pitiful backslider. You now have to see yourself as a mighty warrior, bigger than the enemy and his foolish attacks. You need to see yourself as someone who is bold, rebellious and stubborn to the ways of the devil. Picture yourself as the Christian-version to the guy from iron man, who is super-arrogant.

Don’t let Satan tell you that you can’t make up your mind and you don’t know what you want.

Life and death is in the power of your tongue, so, speak a new path into your life.

Then, after you have set in your heart to dethrone the kingdom of darkness in your life, begin to make room for the kingdom of God. Therefore, you will need to cut off the things of the world in order to fully follow God. Make time for God’s word and to pray rather than filling your mind with what you have seen on television and read in magazines. You will then begin to know the truth and it will set you free.

You won’t always be in bondage and have to fight. The bible says to resist the devil and he will flee. Anytime you feel lonely or tempted, turn to God as hard as it may be. He will always be the answer instead of the ways of the world. Trust Him and have patience. He will open new doors and bring new things into your life!

Image Credit: shutterstock/auremar