Hell is a real place. Either you will be with Jesus forever or in the lake of fire forever. When you were conceived, God breathed His eternal spirit into you; hence you are an eternal being. You are going to live forever or perish forever somewhere.

What is Hell? It is a place where people are separated from God’s presence forever.

If you turn off the light, you will be in darkness. Similarly, if you turn off the joy, you will be in sadness. God is Joy, Peace, Righteousness, Holiness, Love and much more. When you reject God, you also reject all that He is. You cannot have God’s qualities and not have Him too.

Judgment day is the day when God will simply give you what you always wanted. You can know now if you will go to Hell or Heaven. Do you want light or darkness? Do you want Jesus or sin? The question is not if you are addicted to porn or some other sin; the question is, if you can be freed, would you want that?

Why not give Jesus a chance and from your heart, say, “Jesus, I want you more than sin. Can you please help me and save me. Jesus, I want your love and to love like you.” – That is all it takes; a heart that desires God.

God is not into religion, He is into you.

Image Credit: shutterstock/ollyy