I remember being 15 years old and feeling like a total failure. I looked at all of my friends and they all seemed to have a “thing.” You know… something they were good at and something they had spent their life doing – some big dream or aspiration that they were totally committed to. All of my friends had a “thing”. For one girl it was ballet, for another, acting. Another girl had seen every anime show that had ever come out. Another friend could quote every line from ‘The Sound of Music’. And another girl had just about been in every charity club known to man.

Everyone had a thing because firstly – it would look soooo good on your college resume (not the anime of course) and secondly because it would give you the sense of having some kind of purpose, mission and identity for your life.

I used to feel super left out because there I was with nothing or “no thing” to contribute to the conversation…

The ballet girl told us about ballet, the anime girl told us about anime and so on… And there I was telling everyone what I ate for breakfast. This was cause I had never stuck to a sport for more than a year (name any sport, I’ve done it.) I spent 2 months in piano class… I wasn’t charitable… I wasn’t even smart! And why oh why didn’t my parents make me stick with swimming… then at least by now I could have been a great swimmer, swimming nationally. There was nothing about me that made me stand out or even made me special and at the age of 16 I was determined to find some “thing”.

So, I decided to make some changes. I became a vegetarian, I started studying languages in school and I became an environmental freak – yeah, those annoying people who tell you to recycle your plastic. All that I knew was that I wanted to make a difference, and I also wanted that when people saw me, they could say “Oh… that girl who recycles” or “Oh… that girl who hugs trees.” And not “Oh… that girl who ate a pancake this morning.”

The sad thing is, when I tried to build up my life in the eyes of others it became even emptier than before!

I remember talking to my best friend one night and she said “why do you look so sad these days… you are doing such a great job trying to save all of the trees” and I said “well… I still feel so lost and empty.”

I used to think that there was no use in turning to God too, cause I mean… the bible had way too many pages for me to read enough and my past didn’t exactly say – “Oh… the holy girl…”

But how wrong I was in thinking that Christianity was about just knowing the entire bible and trying to be a good person. When I really heard the gospel and I heard that God took the foolish things of the earth to use for His glory. I knew that I only needed God in my life and I no longer needed to try my best to create an identity for myself. Having a “thing” no longer seemed to matter, and before I knew it, people naturally saw God as my “thing”- although He is so much more than that.

Sometimes I think about Jesus Christ and what He has to say about me…

I can just imagine Him looking down from Heaven and tapping one of his angels on his shoulders and saying “Oh…my little friend.”

Now, I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful than being identified by Jesus Christ. I way way way prefer “that holy girl” from “the girl who saves the trees.” And I know for sure now I’m standing out now and making an impact… I see it every day. One day in particular was when my church went to do an outreach in a school, a girl who I didn’t know – but she clearly knew me said “Oh no! That holy girl… she’s coming to try to get everyone to be holy…” Did I mention that I still way way prefer that?… I really do like how it sounds… it’s much better.

When I had Jesus, I knew that I needed nothing else in my life.

For some people, their “thing” is a girlfriend/boyfriend, a car, a personality, an activity but I want to encourage you today to let Jesus Christ be your Thing! Don’t pursue a sport or hobby to make something of your life, but let Jesus Christ define you. Let His identity be upon you, for that is the only way to really make something of your life and to be unique, special and impactful.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Bonninstudio