Any version of Christianity that doesn’t call you to follow Jesus and live like Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit is a cult.

Are you following a movement? Are you following knowledge? Are you following a doctrine? Many people have the doctrine of grace but sin against the Spirit of Grace. Are you living in an intimate relationship with Jesus that brings forth the fruit of love?

Well, what ya doing then?

I want to encourage to believe that you have been made like Jesus and can live like Jesus by His grace in your life.

Dead religion will always present a substitute for the Cross and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

(7) Seven  Signs of Dead Religion

  1. It is ok to sin
  2. You are powerless against sin
  3. A dead grace with no power to live righteous
  4. No gifts of the Spirit
  5. No holy living
  6. Self righteousness as a substitute for God’s righteousness
  7. Teaching the law is legalism.

The law is good and holy. Hey, not sleeping with your neighbour’s wife is good before the Cross or after.

Using the law to earn righteousness or qualify to receive from God is another matter (self righteousness).

Did Jesus ever sin?

No, so go live like Jesus, go and sin no more. Did Jesus love? Yes, so go love like Jesus.

Image credit: Depositphotos