In my teen years I had often wondered what the purpose of life was. I was on a desperate search, but no one ever seemed to have the answer.

Some said the purpose of life is to “enjoy yourself!” or “to be successful” or “to find happiness”. But, none of these answers really ever did sit well with me. They may have called me a pessimist or whatever, but I knew you couldn’t think positive in a world so dark and meaningless.

I grew up with a concept of God, but I never imagined he could be the one I would turn to.

From what I had heard, He wanted you to just live a good life and think positive too. And of course, I had heard that the bible was written by men and all that jazz, so I figured that if i was going to find answers it was not going to be from God.

Low and behold, I got a nice fancy bible as my Christmas gift. What do you think I did with it? Yeah, I used it as a nice decoration. Yet still, in my life I wanted to know truth. I wanted to meet someone who could just be real about the state of the world and not offer some false sense of hope.

I don’t remember what happened, but one night somehow I picked up that fancy bible. I opened it to a random page and it landed on the book of Ecclesiastes. Now, I didn’t know a thing about the Old or New Testaments, the prophets or gospels. It was just purely by chance that I landed at that book.

And for anyone who has never read the book of Ecclesiastes, this was one of the first things on the page:

“Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.”

Although this is not a joyful verse, my heart leapt for joy inside of me. Suddenly the bible went from the supposedly most boring book I had ever known to exist, to the best thing I had ever read. It became the one book that finally understood me and knew what I was going through. As I read, it just got better. It even offered me a solution, it said that all that matters is to serve God because of this meaninglessness in life.

I went to school the next day and told everyone that I had read the bible and that it was the best. No one bothered with me of course, but I had finally found the answer. Eventually, I ended up in a place where I heard the gospel as presented in the bible and once again I was in absolute shock. God actually knew what I was going through! I thought “hey.. Maybe God could be cool!”

I heard that day that we are all born sinners (this I experienced). I heard that the price was too great for me to pay for myself and that no amount of great things you do can ever pay the price (this I experienced too). Best of all, I heard that Jesus Christ came to die in my place and pay the penalty.

Words could not express my joy at finally knowing that this was the truth.

All my life I had heard that we just have to be good and live good lives, but here the bible was saying otherwise.

Regardless of what anyone else says, I choose the bible. I believe everything in the bible because it relates directly to my state as a human being. It relates to my fragility, my sadness and my fears. It related directly to me when I was lost in my sin and confused and most of all, it showed me the way to total truth and freedom. And I mean total freedom, not the false hope that this world gives.

Many people spend their whole lives in church and never actually pick up the bible for themselves. Then again, many people have heard “the bible was just written by men” and have never actually picked it up for themselves. My advice is, pick up your bible and read it. It has every answer and every truth that you are looking for. No one having read the bible in sincerity of heart can say anything besides “These words are truly God’s word.”

Image Credit: shutterstock/ Maria Maarbes