We are presently living in a world where a person from Egypt has the ability to know what you did when you woke up, how you feel about your hair this morning and where you plan to go today. Because of these great advancements through Skype, Facebook, BBM, What’sApp and many others, it’s possible to be in contact with someone every second of every day. And of course, that is how most people live.

I think it shows something so important that humans have latched onto this communication revolution with such a passion.

I think it shows that we were made to live in constant communication.

Have you noticed the person next to you BBMing during a church service? Or, how about during work hours…

Have you ever seen a person without their constant communication source? I’m sure you have some friends who behave like a fish without water if there is no Wi-Fi or if their phone malfunctions.

You see, the problem is, we get so caught up in talking to everyone but when we have to talk to God we are totally lost. The first thing people say is “God doesn’t speak to me” … But have you ever tried to listen? Have you ever tried talking to two people at once? I know for me, somebody always ends up talking to my subconscience and having a conversation with me that I have no recollection of.

I can assure you that God does want to speak to you.

He even lives inside of you, so it really can’t be that hard to hear Him. Will you however, put down the hundreds of people you constantly share every detail of your life with and consult God instead?

What if you just sat down and spoke to God. You could tell Him about your day, your feelings, your fears… And do you know what? You will eventually hear Him speaking back to you. So, to listen to God, you have to be able to hear Him in the first place. And, I guarantee you, if you have Him, you probably wouldn’t need all of the advisors on your cellphone, because you would get the best advice out. You wouldn’t have to call up someone to “vent” because God would hold all of your frustrations and your trust would be in Him.

So, if you want to be able to listen to God, give talking to Him a try! Then, when your phone malfunctions, desperation won’t strike.

Image Credit: shutterstock/Aaron Amat