Sometimes you may feel deserted and lonely. It could be for different reasons such as: you went through a divorce, family members died, friends and family migrated, or maybe you left your home.

This feeling can cause you to become very unhappy and depressed. You may wish that things could be different. When you feel like everyone has abandoned you and there is no one you can turn to, remember that there is always Jesus. He will never forsake you! When our brothers and sisters turn their backs on us and our friends leave us alone without any hope, we always have Jesus. He is the only one who will always stick around no matter what the circumstances. If we have been good or naughty, He will always be there for us. Jesus Christ came on the earth to lay His life down for us, so that we can live forever and share His kingdom in heaven with Him for eternity.

I think that there are some benefits to being alone.

The chief benefit is that you can give your full attention to the Lord. You do not have to think about doing things for your family, friends or love ones. It is now easier to put God first on your agenda and believe me, when you do that, He will work wonders in your life. He will turn that sorrow into joy and He will show you where to go so that you will be among His people to share in His love. It all boils down to a choice that you have to make: whether you want to remain depressed and unhappy or whether you want to choose to have God in your life.

Paul the Apostle was considered the greatest of the apostles in the Bible and I believe it had a lot to do with the fact that he was not married and had no children. After Paul saw the glory of God, he was able to give his all to God and he had no one to hinder him from his efforts of doing God’s work. Of course Paul was lonely at times, but that never kept him down, because he knew Jesus was always with him and this motivated him to do God’s will on the earth.

Many lonely people tend to lick their wounds and drown themselves in self-pity, saying, “Poor me, no one ever had it so bad.” We have all been there.

You will not be immune to loneliness in the future, just as you have not escaped it in the past.

How then, can we handle loneliness? Each of us must come to terms with the opportunity loneliness presents. It is the ideal occasion to say, “Lord, I’ve exhausted all my alternatives; now it’s up to You. Make me the man or woman You had in mind all along and I’ll go on from here.” He will do just that. If you have never invited Jesus Christ to be your Saviour, now is a good time to do so. Making Jesus the Lord of your life will put you on the path that leads to intimacy with God, new friendship with fellow Christians in this life and an eternal place in God’s presence in the life hereafter.

God bless.

Image Credit: shutterstock/Aleshyn_Andrei