You should live your life”. What does someone really mean when they speak these words? I’d guess someone means that you should get out there, have some fun, make some mistakes, make some friends.

I hear these words countless times as a Christian and a young person. When I didn’t want to dress inappropriately, my family said “you should live your life and not be so uptight.” When I gave up friends, my parents said “you should live your life and have fun with your friends” and when I gave up the career path I was following (to become a musician), my friends said “you should live your life and follow your dreams!”

Now, these people may have been well meaning, but often times “live your life” means “destroy your life.”

Because, little did my family know that my closest friends began taking drugs not too long after I got saved and little did my friends know that the life of a musician also consists of sleeping around, smoking weed and many other dark things.

Many people who have chosen to “live their lives” have ended up with broken hearts and situations that they never imagined themselves in. Satan makes the world seem as though there’s so much fun to be had and God just wants to keep you back.

However, I can tell you something. You can go ahead and try to live your life, but the one thing I’ve learned is that the more you try, the more lost you feel. We all have an idea of freedom that we want to experience. But I can tell you that you won’t find it in clubbing with friends, going sky diving and other risky activities or in trying to experience as many things as you can.

The best and only way to truly enjoy your life is with Jesus.

No, He doesn’t want you to become a nun, swear to be poor and never get married. He wants you to be free from the sin and darkness of this world and be made whole. He wants you to live the life He has for you and that starts when He heals you from the inside out and lives in you. Then all other blessings, you can really enjoy.

For me, I can’t really enjoy something unless I know that God is there in it.

And that’s how I live my life. Everyone who has tried to convince you to “live your life” just may have overlooked a few things.

They’ve overlooked that this world is temporal and time is short. One day, sooner than later if you decide to “live your life”, your life will pass away, your glory will pass and it would all have been meaningless.

That is of course, unless you choose to live for eternal life, which does not pass and where there are pleasures evermore. If you live your life with God, you will experience the best and He won’t let you destroy your life. Maybe we shouldn’t just “live our lives” but live God’s life, which is far better.

Image Credit: shutterstock/Pressmaster