I‘d say that one of the most exciting parts of the story about Ruth and Boaz was the fact that Boaz was Ruth ‘s secret admirer for a long time. He told his workers to leave extra grain for her. He felt affection towards her but never let her know.

If you are a girl, how do you usually feel when you find out that you have a secret admirer? I’d guess you would feel flattered, shocked, and curious about who this admirer is.

The reason being, that with a secret admirer, you know that there was nothing you did to impress this person. It’s just that for some reason, while you were being your regular, lame old self, you won his heart without even trying.

And, what girl wouldn’t want to have a secret admirer?

One of my first thoughts when I heard of God’s love for me was- “How can you love me? I never even cared about you.” And I began to think of God as my secret admirer.

Before I even knew Him, or cared, He was secretly a part of my life. He was interested in me when I wasn’t interested in Him.

He would secretly bless my life and direct my life.

And, today, I know Him and He has won my heart and I know that nothing can separate me from His love and I don’t have to impress Him because long before I even knew He loved me, He had already loved me.

You have a secret admirer too, He thinks about you when you don’t think about Him, He leaves blessings in your way for you to stumble upon, even though you don’t know it’s Him.. He even died for you..

Image Credit: domit cc