Let’s jump right into it!

All your sins are forgiven: past, present and future.

This seems innocent and true but remember it is a game of seduction with doctrine being the means of enticement. Well, Jesus indeed paid for all our sins on the Cross, however this forgiveness must still be received. It is not automatic.

The first lie is based on forgiveness being automatic.

1Everyone is walking around in a forgiven state but they just don’t know it.

Well that’s how it begins innocent and easy to believe. Sounds like love. It is called a seducing spirit however it uses doctrine for seduction.

2Well if everyone’s sins are forgiven, then everyone is righteous – they just don’t know it.

What Jesus accomplished on the Cross is much bigger than we think.

Well that seems innocent enough. I call it “flirtatious doctrines”.

3The Cross changed every thing, the church has really been preaching the wrong message all along!

Everyone is forgiven, everyone is righteous. So we just need get people to believe the finish work of the Cross. It is finished – yeah!

Well that is where the LIE intensifies. The seducing demon is ready to go for souls now. So there is no need for true Godly sorrow, no repentance and hatred of sin.

They (Grace Twisters) preach a repentance that is just a change of mind by acknowledging what Jesus did. The only sin people need to repent of, is the sin of unbelief and ignorance. No sinner repenting of sin or being born again by the Holy Spirit. Everyone is already saved just they don’t know it. They might say they are not saying this but it is exactly what they are implying.

4God is not angry at sin and there is no such thing as the wrath of God.

Angry Birds vs Bad Piggies

You see if God was angry and had wrath for the sinner well LIE No 3. will be exposed. Everyone is NOT born again. LIE No 2. will also be exposed – why be angry with righteous people? God’s judgment will prove that we are not all forgiven (LIE No 1.)

It is like a game of Angry Birds – destroy one lie and they will all come falling down!

This is where the “Grace Twister” needs to do some more gymnastics. They claim the Book of Revelation was written before 70AD and focused on the destruction of the Jewish Temple (which happened around 70AD). They must do this because you see in the Book of Revelation, God was pouring out all kinds of bowls of wrath. So they claim the Old Testament ended when the temple was destroyed in 70AD and now there is no wrath.

These lies come from seducing spirits and demons. Depend on the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you. The lies are all designed to sear the conscience and shipwreck the believer’s faith. It is one of the deepest doctrines of Satan because it can be preached in a church. Rev 2:20-24

The Covenant of Peace

As believers we are in a Covenant of Peace, God has sworn that He will never be angry with us nor rebuke us. However, this Covenant only extends to those in faith in Jesus Christ but for the unbeliever, the Bible warns of the coming wrath of God.

This is end times people – Watch! Don’t Sleep! Get into Covenant with God.

Whatever happens, don’t be an Angry Bird – forgive and certainly don’t be a Bad Piggie! – don’t return to the mud…

I saw this interesting article explaining the most likely period for when the Book of Revelation was written. Here is the link:


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