Are you ready for a beautifully gross story?!

Here is this dream I had:

I was looking for a toilet bowl to free myself. I was in a perfect white room, white walls, white floor, white roof – perfectly white – like white glass. This room had 3 bathrooms which again were perfectly white. 3 people I knew had just come out of the toilets. I wanted to use the toilet, so I went into toilet No. 1 – the poops was floating. I thought “this man using some good fibre – lol.” Grossed out, I went to toilet No. 2 and looked inside. It was like a poops explosion – diarrhea. I quickly exited that one and didn’t even bother to look in toilet No. 3. I was TOTALLY GROSSED OUT!

So I went in search for another toilet. After a while, I came back and saw the guy from toilet No. 1 put the poops in a pan and begin to stir it with his hand. He kept stirring it like he was making a cake. I was again grossed out. I wondered “how did he get it in the pan and how can he stir it with his hand? How could he touch the poops?” Again TOTALLY GROSSED OUT!

beautiful poops
From clay to beauty

As I looked, he began to pull the top of the poops just like a potter makes a vase. I wondered what he was doing. He pulled and pulled in a circular motion and was shaping the poops into a vessel. He pulled and pulled. When he moved his hands it was shinning like it was glazed. It became a beautiful vessel. In the dream I was like, WOW! This is AMAZING! It was shinning and beautiful. I wondered to myself “how can you turn poops into such a vessel?” Then, I woke up.

As I lay on my bed and asked God about the meaning of the dream, He said to me, “Kirwin, I am able to take the filth of the earth and make sons and daughters of God.”

“That which is rejected and the scorn of the world, I make beautiful.”

So God told me not to be afraid of getting my hands dirty and to continue laboring and believing that God can change people and as He has done with me, so I will see in others’ lives. Never knew poops can be so attractive.

What beautiful poops we are!

Image Credit: Shutterstock/AntonovVitalii
Image Credit: Walt Stoneburner