Have you ever heard about a dog that does not bark? Or an eagle that does not fly? What about a Christian that does not believe? Well here is a strange story:

Believer: Go and sin no more….

Unbeliever: Everyone sins….that’s impossible!

Believer: Ok go and never be sick again!

Unbeliever: Amen! I receive that! by His stripes I am healed!

May you have the faith today in the grace of God which is able to do what is impossible with man. It is the perfect love of God, it gives no room for satan. God wants you to know that His grace empowers you to be free from sin and sinning.

Unbeliever: …but, what if I sin?!

Believer: ….but what if you get sick!

Unbeliever: ….He will heal me!

Believer: ….He will forgive you!


What is stopping you now? Grace is not an excuse for sin but the absolute power of God over sin. Christ is in you! Slap satan silly today – believe that you can go and sin no more. You only possess what you believe. Let your faith rise to a place where there is no room for satan but only room for God’s love and grace!

Image Credit:shutterstock/Kurhan