Hey Guys, what’s up? Hope you all are holding on to life, His name is Jesus. I know I am.

So, I just watched a “Christian” music video on YouTube, all about God’s angels, women of virtue and character, modesty etc etc. There was however one big problem.

Even after the collaborative efforts of song writer, producer, directors, actors and actresses, the video was full of seduction and modesty was thrown out the door. My first thought was: really??? None of the “Christians” involved in this video could discern where it was going? That the end result would be a wannabe R Kelly or P Diddy (not sure what he calls himself these days) video?

Honestly, I was really confused, thinking why make a video all about modesty and virtue and then totally omit the essence of your message?

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that some “Christians” have no clue what modesty even is to begin with. Judging from that video all about virtue and modesty, I would have to say they wouldn’t be able to recognize modesty if it jumped up and bit them in the face..lol. It also shows me that we could be so insensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit of God. I am one hundred percent sure that if they asked the Holy Spirit about the final product before releasing it, it would be back to the drawing board for everyone.

What the world considers normal and what we consider normal, should be different.

It is normal for the world to wear a tube dress with their back and shoulders exposed, and say “what’s wrong with showing my back”, but have you seen what that style does to your chest? It’s normal for the world to wear jeans on their hips so that when they sit, we are all exposed to their rear. Do they not feel the extra breeze? Lol. What about dresses that are so short that they could also be sold as tops? These things are normal for most women in the world, but they don’t consider the effect they have on men or society as a whole. They just wanna look hot. My job is to present the glorious gospel of Christ to them, before they feel heat for eternity.

To my Christian sisters, don’t give into the pressure of this world’s style and fashion.

I encourage you to walk in modesty. Walk as daughters of the King. There’s no need to accentuate your bodies to be noticed, you have God in you. Let His glory radiate from within. Our bodies are the temples of God! Did you not know that? Are you not afraid to dishonor Him? Please, be careful how you adorn God’s temple. His opinion is the only one that truly matters.

Image Credit: shutterstock/Bestphotostudio