Here are (5) five really tough things to consider before you say “I Do”.

  1. Are you willing to love your partner even if they stop loving you?
  2. If your spouse goes from size 2 to 22 in tens years, are you willing to show the same love and passion?
  3. Are you willing to stand up to your mother or father if they disrespect or try to cause a rift between you and your spouse?
  4. If one of your main reasons for marriage is sex, and you discover after marriage that your spouse is unable to satisfy you, will till death do us part still be part of your wedding vows?
  5. If you divorce your spouse for any reason other than adultery,are you willing to stay single for the rest of your life after the divorce as the scripture says? Matt 5:31-32

Take heart, absolutely nothing is wrong with you if you are not willing to do one or more of the above. It just means that you are not ready for marriage and should not do so,until you learn what true love may require of you.

Image Credit: Shutterstock