This world is not what I was expecting.

It really is nothing close to what I expected. It is not what my teachers made it out to be during my school days. There is so much imperfection, pain, hurt, sadness. We try to scrap bits of joy in the midst of loneliness, sickness and death. I often say to my wife, “I am not made for this world.” I think of troubling situations such as the mother who had to jump from a building with her son on her back and died saving him. In tragedies such as these however, we find an awesome display of love.

Times Have Changed

Long ago if you lost your wallet – there was hope that someone would return it. Long ago, you would sleep with your doors open. As children, we would walk to school by ourselves at the age 4.

There was a song by Robert Palmer – addicted to love – that was porn – now those women are dressed better than most church girls (not at Champion of course! :)). Also, I am disappointed in myself when I fail the will of God.

Life’s Only Constant

I find one thing constant in the midst of this dark world – the Love of God – it never fades, never runs out, never gives up on me – this one thing remains. Where would I be if not for the love of God? Where would you be if not for the love of God? What are you standing on today? Your own works? What is your foundation? Is it Jesus, the manifest love of God or the World?

All hail King Jesus all hail Emmanuel!

Some people are not disappointed with this world, they think life is great. I can’t wait for this world to end. More than 5 million children with AIDS, 16,000 die from hunger/day, 1 child every 5 second. Statistics fail at painting the true picture – it never shows the mother whose heart is broken, or the father that buries his child.

What has become of our world – is this the world we are leaving for our children. What are we to expect this year. You say – “Kirwin what is your hope for the year?” It’s the Return of Jesus Christ and awakening of the church. “Look up” is the Word God gave me.

Earlier in the year – I saw Jesus in a dream – He said “let man ask for the gift of love.” I wish I never woke up, I would like see Him again. He is all I want.

What does God offer the world?

Love – true love – 100% love. We have been blind to love – on the Cross God says, “All along I have been the one who gave you gravity, I am the one who gave you your smile. Have you ever once smiled on me? I gave you your hands and your feet and the air to breathe – do not look away – look at me on the Cross, I am bleeding, pierced and wounded. This is how you have repaid me! Is this how you have repaid my love?” On the Cross, Jesus shouts, “Father, this is how I shall pay their sins! Father! Forgive them!”

His words have not stopped echoing today.

Maybe you have experienced the depths of Satan’s kingdom in all sin, shame, darkness, hopeless, maybe you look in the mirror and say how can God love me when I can’t even love myself. Maybe you don’t feel to read the bible because you have seen the beauty of His Holiness and have drawn away from Him – like Peter you cry, “Depart me from Lord, I am a sinful man.” On the Cross, Jesus says to those like Thomas – come place your fingers through my nail pierce hands, place your hands in my side, – until you know and are persuaded that I love you.

All of this is for you. Why not take a full glance of the greatest weapon of Heaven – the Sword of God’s Love, the person of Jesus and allow Him to pierce the darkness of your heart. Until, like me, you are forever lost, speechless and amazed by His love.

Two Dudes in Heaven

Have you heard the whispers of Heaven? Heaven is a placed filled with wows and wonder. Two dudes were chatting in Heaven.

Dude 1 – What are you going to do today?
Dude 2 – I heard there is a crystal stream somewhere; I am going to take a sip.
Dude 1 – I am going to lie down on the streets of gold until a chariot runs me over
Dude 2 – There is a tree at the side of the whose fruit taste like nothing you can imagine, I believe it is called the Tree of Life.

Do you know what fills heaven with uncontainable shouts, screams and passion? It is a like a massive explosion beyond nuclear when Jesus Christ steps into the courts of Heaven. Heaven goes crazy! – sometimes it is so loud I think I can even hear it on the earth. Oh I wish I was there…

Two people meet in Heaven and say there is so much to see! What are we going to do today?! With all of the beauty of Heaven – they both answer – I would like to see His nail scarred hands one more time.

With all of the beauty of Heaven the most desired sight is the scars of Jesus.

To whom shall we liken to our God and to what shall we compare him to – break your idols, smash them to pieces, grind them to dust – the King has come and is incomparable beauty to behold.

Paul in Prison

Paul in a damp, moldy, prison  would look at the prison bars and soldiers and penned his letter to the Ephesians, ” I Paul the Prisoner of the Jesus Christ.” I am a prisoner of His love and He has captured my heart – I can’t escape – I have tried many times. You can escape Alcatraz but you will never escape His love. He has found me through the deepest holes and darkness and said, “I Jesus still love you.” I now find myself a willing captive. I Kirwin, the Prisoner of Jesus Christ declare onto you – sounds cool J.

1 John 4:9-10 – Not that we have loved Him but rather He has loved us!

1 John 4:14-19 – What a powerful verse! – “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.”

The word declares that His love is perfected in us when we believe that as Jesus is NOW so are we NOW in this world. Jesus is Perfect, Holy, Righteous so are we now in this world – NOT IN HEAVEN but NOW. We still have a hard time believing what Jesus has done or better how He has loved us. His love is made perfect in you when you believe in His love for you by making you like Him!

Don’t settle

You may have spent your life in sin and now you have nothing left to give. Like the prodigal son, who spent his life on harlots and fetes and was broke, disgusted and miserable in sin. Satan wants you to have a servant mentality but sons wear rings of authority. The prodigal son came back to His Father saying I am not longer worthy to be your son. His Father said bring the BEST ROBE, a ring and shoes. Forget Armani, I am wearing the robe of righteousness!, forget Clarks – Clark Kent ain’t worthy to walk in my shoes – I am looking good – hey, Jesus gave me these shoes.

I was wearing filth I was stained, I tried everything to clean it – Squeezy couldn’t squeeze me clean, Breeze could blow away the stench and Tide could not wash away my sins until one day a man came with a cloth and a strange liquid and began to scrub me until I was white as snow. However, I noticed the more he cleaned me, the weaker he got but he kept on cleaning to the point of death. Finally, I was beautiful, however he was at his last, so I said to him, “Sir Sir, you must tell me what is that liquid you used!” and with his last breath he declared, “My blood.”

Oh my Jesus, my Passion, my Constant Companion – I am lost in and for you – FOREVER! What can make me whole again nothing but the blood of Jesus!

1 John 3:1 ‘Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. Beloved, now are we the sons of God!’

Image Credit: shutterstock /Andrey Kuzmin