The most expensive thing in the world is sin. Is Carnival worth it? Selling yourselves over to lust, sexual perversion and drunkenness. Ashes won’t wipe away your sin. Do you know that Jesus Christ was dragged through the streets like a dog, beaten, beard plucked from His face, nailed and tortured on the Cross for you? The most expensive thing in the world is sin; it cost God His Darling Son.

While Jesus was being tortured, th9ey spat in His face. As humanity did maximum evil to Him, He opened His mouth and said, “Father forgive them!” He created you as a human, He gave you life, He gave you air to breathe, He offers you Son-ship in His Kingdom, a joint-heir to His Throne, He gives you His own image and above all, His love. All this He has for you.

Have you ever simply said, “thanks” or do you continue to rejoice in your sin?

How have you repaid the gift of His love? Have you received it? Or have you trampled on the blood of Jesus in the streets in all manner of vulgarity and lewdness. You must repent, for the day will come when the Judge of all the earth shall sit. The Lord is gracious and filled with tender mercies; He will show you His kindness.

Turn from satan’s works to Jesus today.

For all those who desire love, truth, righteousness, forgiveness, a fresh start, mercy and grace – the arms of Jesus stand open wide saying, “all who come to me I will in no wise cast out!”

repentance from carnival 2
Repentance from carnival

Think for a moment; God is love, therefore if people that He loves find themselves in Hell, God must have exhausted every possibility to save them because God will suffer forever with the pain of a loved one in Hell. There is a reason why God sent His Son and not a chicken to save us. It is because the stakes are very serious; an eternity with God or without God. So God has given us the greatest demonstration of love the universe has ever seen. The Cross cries out, “I love you! There is NOTHING I won’t forgive! Believe in my love for you!”

And what did you reject God’s love for? sex, wine, lust, hate or culture – Hey, why not come to Jesus…

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