The Last Flight TWA 800 is a Theatrical Production that takes a look into the lives of eight diverse characters about to board a flight to Columbia. This dramatic comedy brings together an unusual cast: a Flight Attendant, a Drug Kingpin, a Lesbian, a Deacon, an Atheist, a Gold-digger, a Hitman and a Prophet.

An epic battle between angels and demons

The Last Flight is leaving audiences speechless with many stating that this is the best play they have ever seen in their lives. With such high reviews the cast of over twenty (20) is not disappointing night after night. This production has not gone unnoticed with prominent figures such as Martin Daly referring to The Last Flight as:

“…a splendid piece of theatre”

Skinny, Fro, Moe
Carlos and Maria, the love birds

NEXT SHOWING: December 3rd & 4th, 2017… Call 788-2467 for more information or you can visit –