So you go along with a plan to defraud your own brother out of his wealth. On your father’s deathbed you trick him to transfer all of his assets to you. However, you got caught, so you run for your life and quickly develop a reputation as a conman.

Finally, you meet a bigger conman. You fall in love with his daughter so you decide to serve in his business for his daughter’s hand in marriage. You get married and enter a dark bedroom to spend the night with the woman you love…. You wake up in the morning only to find out you have been conned! It’s another girl!

Well, the father apologizes, says “ok ok, you can marry my daughter if you work for seven more years.” You serve faithfully in your new family’s business.

More than seven years have passed, and you are ready to head out on your own with your wife and family.

However, your father-in-law has a last conned plan to cheat you out of your wages so that you will have to stay in the family business.

touch from God
Reaching out to God

How do you outsmart the conman of con-men? You got help from God in a dream! So you pulled off your own daring plan and fled with your wife and children. Finally, you are on your way to meet your brother, that’s where it all began..

You are finally fed up of being a conman. You hope your brother can forgive you; You know he wants to kill you.

This is Jacob’s story..

So much guilt, regret, shame and condemnation for how he lived. He cheated his brother. On the way to his brother, he was alone and all of a sudden a man appeared. Jacob wrestled with this man, nothing that he tried worked, he tried everything. Jacob refused to give up. Finally, he met a man he couldn’t out-maneuver.

With one finger God touched him and his thigh was out of joint.

Jacob realized that God could have easily defeated him. God asked him his name. He said, “Jacob” which means conman and God called him, “Israel, prince of God!”

How did he become God’s prince? He wrestled with God; Jacob now knows he was actually wrestling with Him all his life until God touched him. His life changed when God touched him. One touch did it. Jacob realized God was the one who refused to let him go all these years. God never left him nor forsook him but stayed with him all his life until he knew how much God loved him. Jacob is now a prince and  sits on a throne in Heaven with many who were touched by God.

This is Israel’s story..

 Image Credit: Shutterstock/phloxii