Being affected by evil in this world has become a common issue that we all face. It is as common as growing up in a single parent household, physical and emotional abuse, racism, pornography etc. What if the cause of all these issues isn’t just people, but rather the working of evil itself? The devil has really played a game with this world; He has hidden himself in plain sight. People are quick to lift their heads to the heavens and accuse God when truly they should be pointing at Satan to rebuke him.

You might be wondering, what do I mean by all of this? Well what I’m getting at is simple.

People grow up in life having hate, bitterness, insecurities and unforgiveness all because of issues they might have faced while growing up as a child.

For example, a father who has a wonderful son that is misbehaving, instead of him being patient or correcting the child, he may get frustrated and start calling his son names like “stupid”, “ugly” or “retarded”.

Now let’s get real, how is that going to help the child? Do you believe that parent really thinks that he is helping the child by saying that? I would hope not.

Your parents might have done some things wrong when it came to your upbringing, perhaps with one of the most crucial areas: love. But have you ever stopped and wondered what their life was like? Or even what happened to them to cause them to act that way?

It is easy to lash out at someone who slapped you, but what if you couldn’t see the person? It’s like being in a boxing match where your opponent is invisible. If you got punched what would be your next move? I can guarantee that your next move would be to knock that referee out!

Many times our parents faced issues themselves and it’s not that they want to hurt you or do you evil; it’s just that they are victims to evil as well. You see, love demands that you stop and question “where did this really start? Is this really my dad, the guy who loves me and made me, treating me like this?” If you stop and look, you will realize that Satan has played you. Satan wants you to harbor evil in your heart and rob you of love. His main goal is to rob you from experiencing the love of God.

At the cross, we see the worst thing that could ever happen to a person, happening to God but yet in it all, He said He forgave us.

Jesus knew where all the world issues began; it started when Satan came and tempted Adam and Eve. Now I’m not saying people don’t do wrong things but rather I’m trying to get at the root of your problems. You can’t change people’s lives, only the love of God can do that. But what you can do is allow the love of God to heal your own life; you might have issues but hey guess what, we all do and we all have to deal with it, the question is how?

Firstly, Jesus wants you to know He can heal your broken heart and that He loves you unconditionally. Secondly, He wants you to know that the enemy that you face isn’t just people, but rather demons.

Ever heard the saying “unforgiveness only hurts you”? Well it’s partially true. People who struggle with unforgiveness tend to be tormented by thoughts; those thoughts are really the voices of demons. You arm Satan by listening to His lies all day, “if my dad says he loves me, how could he say that to hurt me”. Well truly, demons are the ones tormenting your parents and in return affecting you. Satan wants you to believe that it’s all your parents fault. So the devil replays the situation to you over and over in your mind so that you can live in hate and unforgiveness.

How can you disarm Satan? By looking at him and saying “Devil I see you, I know you’re trying to affect my family and my generation, but I want to tell you something: whatever they can do to hurt me, I will love them still and I forgive them, just like when I hated Jesus and He forgave me, even so I forgive them. I choose to love them like Jesus has loved me.” The reason why I said unforgiveness partially affects only you is because by you loving and forgiving them, you also disarm the guilt and shame that they have been dealing with while relating to you.

It’s time to break the cycle; it’s time to break the curse. Why not experience a brand new life and a brand new love: Jesus Christ. He will heal your broken heart and cause love to follow you all the days of your life.

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