Don’t you just love a good love story? Yet nothing could beat the God who became a man, the King who became a servant, the Creator who became vulnerable in the womb of a woman. The God who was shamed, striped, insulted, beaten and crucified. Love on display for the universe to see. The Cross – the passionate pursuit of humanity by a God madly in love with us.

A stronger love, a greater love, an unrestrained love.

To think that the Most Beautiful Being in the universe uses words like JEALOUS when he speaks of us. Kinda makes you blush. Who are we, nothing! Who is He, the ALMIGHTY! Who are we, EVERYTHING because He loves us. Ha! God is JEALOUS over me! Ya gotta be kidding! Really Unexpected. Incredibly Amazing. There are many endearing titles that we hold – “child of God”, “servant of God”, “Christian”, “Believer” – yet to me the one that is so precious to my heart is “The BRIDE OF CHRIST”.

Who are you? You are the envy of angels.

The amazement of kings. Confusion to demons. The wonder of Cherubims. Nothing less than the very Glory of God. The day is coming when Heavenly Beings will gather to see God’s glory. A day of great celebration, a revealing. When the Universe will gather to see the Glory of God and it will be you. What a privilege is afforded to silly old me and yeah you. What ya waiting for – SMILE!

Do you see why I became a preacher – wanna join me and tell this awesome eternal story?

Image Credit: Shutterstock