Everyone wants to master something and Po is no different. Po the Panda wants to become a Kungfu Master! He sets out on a journey that will forever change his life and is chosen to become the Dragon Warrior.

After months of intense training (a few minutes on the big screen) Po is ready to become “The Dragon Warrior” (((( Bong )))). All that is missing is the secret ingredient! At last, holding the legendary Dragon Scroll in hands which is supposed to be the key to limitless power.

He opens the scroll and is disappointed as he finds out that there is no secret ingredient!

Many Christians attend conferences, go to church and listen to messages over and over looking for the secret ingredient to master this life. Many books are sold claiming “the secrets to success” or “the hidden key to…” or “the lost revelation…” Hey, it is big business! How many of you have purchased a legendary scroll only to be disappointed.

God loves you and has revealed all the secrets or mysteries to this life in the person of Jesus Christ.

When Paul went to the Corinthian church, he determined to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. That’s all you need to know to be successful in this life and forever.

The answer to this life is found in the Gospel, in the Death, the Burial and The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the Cross, the old you died, and out of the grave, the new you were risen in Christ. When you receive Jesus as Lord, you become a new creature in Christ. All you need to do is believe the Gospel – in it, is the answer to all life’s problems.

Why not look into the mirror of God’s word and you will find the real secret ingredient is Christ in you – now that is true awesomeness.