Many people today are struggling with the spirit of lust and are seeking God for deliverance and freedom from sexual strongholds. You can be free from sin and experience the strength and power of God to live a holy life.

You can rest in the love of God, knowing that God loves you. There are times when we may feel that we are the worst of sinners because of sin; but understand beloved, God’s love for you does not change. God doesn’t love you more when you do good or love you less when you do wrong. In fact the greatest expression of God’s love for us was while we were yet sinners Jesus died for us. Romans 5:8

As you are reading this you may be thinking that I don’t know all of the wicked and even unimaginable sins that you have committed.

You are correct, I don’t know, but God knows and He still loves you and wants to spend an eternity with you. When you are struggling with sin, God is not there condemning you but He is there encouraging you saying “My child, I love you and I will be your strength when you are weak, trust me and experience my power to conquer sin.”

I know this to be true because God says so in His word and also from my personal walk with Him. There were times in my life that I couldn’t pick myself up, I couldn’t go on, but God was right there asking me if I love Him. I would say, “God, I love you with all my heart, but I am struggling with sin!” God would say to me, “My beloved, I know you love me, so don’t quit for I will always love you.” Oh, what an encouragement and strength we have because of God’s love; His love will reach deep into the chains of Satan that has bound your life and set you free.

I want to say it one more time – God loves you with all His heart!

Understand the nature of lust and sin

When you were born, no one had to teach you to lust or sin, it happened naturally. You never went to ‘lust school’ to learn how to lust because it was part of your nature. No one has to teach a dog to bark, it barks because it is in the nature of a dog to bark; the same way no one has to teach a sinner to sin, it is in his nature to sin.

Although sin is in the nature of the flesh, we still choose to sin by our free will and hence God holds us accountable for sin.

We can grow up in good families where our parents can train us from children with certain values and morals to live a good life but the nature of sin is still there. I am sure that this has been the experience of every human being on the face of the earth.

It is like the very first apple tree, the fruit fell to the ground and the seeds were planted and brought forth more apple trees until today where have apple trees and apples. The same way, Adam sinned from the beginning and the seed of sin passed through the generations and today we have sinners on the earth, who are born with the nature of sin.

However, can this problem be solved?

Laws and religion can be used to control our sinful nature but the sin nature is still there. What we need is a new nature that cannot sin or that is incorruptible. That is where Jesus comes to our rescue; He is truly the only Savior for mankind. Do you recall that Jesus was not born by the seed of a man but He was conceived of a virgin by the Holy Spirit, that he might be the second Adam? God is making sons and daughters who are born of the Spirit and not the flesh. Have you been born again? Have you been born of the Spirit or have you only experienced the natural birth? The first time you were born, you were born to die and born in sin; the second birth is a birth to eternal life and a birth to righteousness. Do you want this new birth?

It is simple, you must hate your sin or repent for sin and believe that Jesus died and paid the penalty for your sins on the cross and receive the forgiveness and unconditional love of God.

Please pray with me if it is your desire to be born of the Spirit of God,

“Jesus, I know I am a sinner and I hate it, I don’t want sin in my life. Jesus, I want you in my life. I want to be born again of your Spirit, so of my free will, I ask you to forgive me from every sin I have committed and I ask that you will make me born again and give me the power to live holy and serve you. Thank you so much Jesus, I believe that I am forgiven and that you love me and I am saved and born again! Thank you lord!”

Crucifying the Flesh

We can be born again but still struggle with sexual sins. How did Jesus respond to the flesh? – He crucified it on the cross. Every born again believer has the flesh that desires sin, the spirit that desires God and the soul that can choose. This is the struggle – our flesh wants to sin but our spirit wants to serve God.

So we must crucify the flesh by walking in the Spirit.

Cut it off!

break free from addiction
Break the chains of addiction

The bible declares in the book of Galatians 6:8 “For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

If you are struggling with sexual sins, we would like to make some recommendations that may help you walk in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit.

Firstly look for ways that you are sowing to the flesh and cut it off!

  • What type of movies are you watching? Are they scenes of lust and sex? Cut it off!
  • What kind of music are you listening too? Is it worldly and carnal? Well, cut it off!
  • What about the places you are going to? The mall, the beach and other places can be doors for sexual temptation. Cut it off!
  • What about the Internet? Is online pornography and chat affecting your life? Cut it off!
  • What about your friends? You may have to cut off certain friends that are an ungodly influence on your life – Cut them off!
  • Are there any other doors for sexual temptation in your life? Cut it off!

Crucifixion is certainly not a joyful thing; it is painful to the flesh because the flesh is not getting to do what it wants to do. I encourage you to act by faith and cut off the fleshly influences from your life.

As you stop sowing or feeding the flesh, you will notice that the sexual strongholds will be weaken and eventually broken!

You must hate the sin and confess it as evil and determine that sin has no part in your life. This will empower the Holy Spirit to act on your behalf.

Sow to the Spirit

As you sow to the Spirit, you will be strengthened in your spirit enabling you to live a life free from sexual bondage.

break free
Experience freedom

Here are some recommendations that would help you sow to the Spirit!

  • Pray and talk to God, share everything with Him, He already knows everything
  • Read the Bible, spend time with the Word of God
  • Fellowship with believers – you may surprised to know how many of your brothers and sisters are experiencing the same struggles
  • Trust and depend on God to live holy and to keep you from sin. Don’t depend on yourself or your strength but depend on God and His strength

He will keep you from falling

Jude 1:24 “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy.”

God will keep you from falling as you trust in Him. You may experience instant deliverance or maybe your deliverance may be a walk with God, but God will not fail you. We would like to encourage you today to fight the good fight of faith. We love you and certainly God loves you much more than we can ever.

Please share with us, what God has done in your life in this area because we know that the power of God will be made manifest in your life and all your life’s issues will be for the glory of God. God will turn your weaknesses into a testimony of His love that will lead many to Christ. We love you and are with you in prayer.

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