It is sad to see people destroy their lives pursuing a demon. They may be in a blessed relationship but are driven by lust to chase the wind. You see many people putting on a demon instead of the righteousness of Christ. If only people would pursue Christ the same way they chase their lust. Now much of the Church won’t speak about this and sadly many preachers preach to gain man’s favour.

It is sad to see women and especially God’s daughters wear a demon of lust or a spirit of seduction. It is equally disappointing to see men of God driven by lust. Worship leaders should not try to seduce the entire Church from the pulpit.

You can pretend it is normal – but it is a demon in your life.

I remember once I walked into a service, I preached and a certain individual gave his life to Jesus. After he came up to me, he said – I don’t know you, you didn’t say anything but I was angry at you, he heard a voice say – take up the chair and throw it at him.

Demons don’t like to be exposed – they get mad. You are not a demon, don’t accept their thoughts as yours. Truth and light will expose them, so you can chase them away! I often tell people – the truth that offends you the most, has the greatest potential to set you free.

Listen, you don’t have to accept demons, it is not normal.

You can cast it out! The Holy Spirit says, NO TEMPTATION has taken you that is not common to men, BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL, in every temptation He provides a WAY OF ESCAPE.

To say you must sin, is to say the Holy Spirit is not faithful – that is a LIE! You can go and sin no more. Make no provision for the flesh to fulfill it’s lust. Get rid of every doctrine and abandon every preacher that says you must sin or has a form of godliness but denies the power. Real power or real grace will set you free from sin in action. Always remember – love looks like something. Beloved, let’s us not love in word but actions and truth. (1 John 3:18)

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