Listen, demons rarely just pick up and leaves someone’s life – they must be cast out! Demons often play dead to catch corbeaux alive.

In a Church, Satan has a plan. His plan is always sin. God has positioned leaders to stand against Satan and expose him in the lives of His people. Satan doesn’t just float around, he and his demons are in people. You never look at people and see horns, but if you listen to their words, you can see a pitchfork. Always listen carefully to people’s words. The monkey indeed knows what tree to climb. Don’t be a monkey’s tree. Always listen to the end of someone’s words. Is it love and reconciliation or hate and destruction?

Anyone who is not willing to confess sin cannot be free from its work in their lives.

It is a proven fact that you cannot be free from something you won’t own up to. God could not help Adam and Eve, as they refused to own up to their sins and they turned to the blame game. God may have forgiven you but you will not be able to live in and experience this forgiveness unless you confess your sins. I can always tell in counseling if someone is going to be free. If they refuse to accept responsibility for their sins and turn to excuses, lies, strategies, emotion, accusation, ignorance, arrogance, I know that this person will not be free.

Often people repent because they have been caught and lie in wait like serpents looking to strike their next victim. Have they confessed or owned up to their sins?

Listen, God’s true leaders will see the “coiled serpent”.

You will do well to listen to them for they watch for your souls. Be careful of self appointed leaders, that are clouds with no rain. Look carefully at those who follow sexual perversions and despise authority. (2 Peter 2:10)

Jesus was able to see Satan in Peter’s kind words. Peter appeared to be showing love and concern but yet Jesus said, “Get behind me Satan!” I can’t tell you how many times satan and his two legged helpers have come to me with caring words. Jesus says, “The words I speak are spirit and life” John 6:63.

Words will either bring life or death and are either the truth or lies.

Words will come from either the Holy Spirit or satan, the father of lies. I want to encourage – don’t just listen to people’s words, but ask the Holy Spirit to show you the spirit behind men’s words. Some of the most evil things are said in the kindest ways.

“Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth.” These are the words spoken by Jesus.

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