I bought a new car (this is an embarrassing story), for my life I couldn’t get on the fog lights. My wife came up with a bright idea, “Read the manual” – that’s when you know you are married to a 100 watt bulb – my response to her was, “What! – I am a man – we know these things.” I wonder why they call it a MANual….

I learned a lot from that incident.

Many times people are experimenting in their lives, trying to figure out what they should do and they never consult their maker.

They never consult the Emmanuel – which means, “God is with us”. A car feels best when it is driving and roars – this is what it is born to do! A lamp feels best when it is lighting. However, it will never light unless it get plugged in to a power source.

Beloved, God has made you for a unique purpose, He has made you for His Glory but just as a lamp cannot light unless it is plugged into the power source, the same way you cannot fulfill your purpose unless you are plugged into God; for He is the true power source. When you get plugged-in, you will feel the life of God like electricity flowing through your being as you step into the purpose of God. Your personality, your smile, your complexion, your race, your unique style have all been given to you by God for a unique purpose. Even the good and bad, has been allowed by God for a unique purpose.

Why not get plugged into Jesus today and discover your potential in God.

Many people are frustrated today. They wake up early and come home late to pay bills.

The daily and mundane routine, certainly this cannot be God’s plans, there must be more! God must have purpose for your life. People are trying new things, new jobs, new entertainment, and new relationships looking for purpose and yet inside they still feel incomplete.

Could you imagine a dog trapped in a frog’s world? That poor dog, using his tongue to catch his food, hopping around and trying to land on a lily pad – How frustrating! However, place that dog in a dog’s world and oh the joy of chasing your favorite car and yes, the fire hydrant – life is good!

Beloved, God has made you and only He knows your purpose. Many people are searching for meaning to their life. You can know your purpose and begin living a fulfilling life. God’s purpose and will for your life is not found by seeking your purpose but rather by seeking Him. As you seek God and walk with Him, you will find yourself in your God given purpose.

Your purpose is a result of a relationship and a walk with your Maker, the True and Living God.

Would you like to get plugged-in today? Would you like to step into your purpose? Would you like to walk with God, to know Him? WOW – I pray your answer is Yes! Yes! Yes!

It is as simple as saying God; I want you in my life more than sin. We would love to lead you in a simple prayer that will express your heart and desire to God.

Please pray sincerely to your Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father, I come before you today, because I have heard that you made me and have a plan for my life. God, I want to know you and accomplish your purpose for my life. Father, I have sinned against you and my sin has separated me from you, but today I come seeking your love and forgiveness because I want to walk with you. I believe in your love towards me, I believe that Jesus Christ took my place on the cross and this day I declare that I want you, God and not sin. Jesus, I hate my sins and ask that you will forgive me and set me free.

Jesus, I believe that you died for me and rose victoriously from the grave and now of my own free will, I invite you to be my Lord and Savior. Today, I place my trust and faith only in your shed blood on the cross as the payment for my sins. Lord I give you my life, please use it for your glory and to accomplish your will.

Thank you Lord, for setting me free by your love and I ask that you will give me now your Precious Holy Spirit and the power to serve you and live for you. Thank you, My Father for your true love!”

Image Credit: shutterstock/PathDoc