Don’t limit yourself by your gifts, desires or callings. Delight to do His will. Sometimes, you may have to do things that you don’t want to do.

When I first started ministry, I would find myself singing to myself and to people as I minister. However, I wasn’t much of singer, in fact I once told by a leader over me never
to sing. Yet when I sang, I would feel His Presence.

I couldn’t really clap and sing at the same time.

I would watch others to determine how to clap (I still do at times).

However, I got a strange dream that helped me.

I was standing before a massive crowd in a prayer meeting. As I pondered what to do, I saw Jesus walking with Adam in the garden and a spirit of love and submission came over me and I began to sing, “Walk me Jesus, walk me Jesus……” It was beautiful, it was perfect.

I sung out with all my strength.

Unfortunately, I woke up.

I asked God the meaning of the dream.

He told me that He will use my weaknesses to show His strength and even that which I think I cannot do, His grace would besufficient.

Well today, I often hear songs from heaven in my spirit. I hear music from the Spirit.

I feel like I am actually hearing music from Heaven.

Lately, a few people have been telling me I love to hear you sing. I don’t try to sing songs that are known,rather I try to sing a new song unto the Lord. That way no one can say I am off key,as every song is new.

I tell my wife, I love musicians. However my gift is to preach. I love preaching and seeing hearts turn to God, to press my ear to His mouth and let the rivers of life flow. I hear words from Heaven – I just love preaching – it’s my gift and calling. Yet, I refuse to be limited by my gift – my only limit is obedience to His will. So I encourage you to step out of your gift and dare to go where only grace can carry you.

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