Here are five ways to recognize the spirit of lust in your life as a believer.

  1. If you have sexual thoughts without being prompted by any senses, you’re alone and find that there is a constant battle to fight off sexual thoughts and images.
  2. If you find it difficult to look at an attractive man/woman without focusing on certain parts of their anatomy accompanied by sexual thoughts.
  3. If you observe someone with the spirit of lust you can actually see this in their eyes.
  4. If you find that when interacting with someone you consider attractive, your persona changes and you can’t help but make flirtatious remarks and gestures. This one is easy to spot if you know how someone normally behaves, just observe them when chatting with someone attractive, and you’ll see the difference …lol
  5. If you always end up revealing rather than concealing your body when faced with wardrobe choices.
  6. If You’ve had sexual relations with all of your previous partners, even though you made a commitment with them at the start of the relationship not to engage in fornication.

If you’ve been battling the spirit of lust and can’t seem to overcome it, it’s time to make some radical adjustments to your way of dealing with the opposite sex.

You may be deceived by the enemy into thinking that you could never change.

Great news! You’ve already been changed, you are a new creature in Christ, the old way has passed away, all things are new.

Walk in the newness of Christ, and renew your thinking in the area of sex and relationships. Scrap everything that you thought was considered normal before you knew Christ, the world could never get it right. You can also ask your Pastor or leaders to pray with you in this area for deliverance, as it could also be a strong hold in your life. Don’t allow lust to destroy your relationships. God wants to bless you with great husband or wife, but His way is the only way that brings blessings.

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