So its almost one year later since my 30th birthday – can’t believe it’s been a year already. I tried so hard to hold on to 29 but that little sucker was slippery, it was gone before I could blink and then I had to deal with all of the emotions that came with turning 30. For all of you “30 and 30 something” people out there, thanks for welcoming me into the club, I really appreciate it :-/ . For all of the “29 and under” people – your membership card is in the mail! HA!

I remember my father always telling my sister and I “You soon will reach my age” – we would both look at each other with raised eyebrows thinking “yeah sure we will but not in a million years”. Little did I know a million years flies pretty quickly especially when you apply godly mathematics (“1 day is like 1000 years”) LOL .

I have such vivid memories of being 11, 15, 16, 18, 21.. back when life was so simple.

You go to school, you go home, mom cooks – you eat, you sleep and REPEAT. After university, you get your first job, you get your first salary and then life suddenly speeds up. It doesn’t ask for your permission, it just goes into overdrive and you have to buckle up.

Its true what they say, “it’s all downhill from here on out” and while there may be ‘loose branches’ of facial treatments and regimented exercises that you can hold on to – it only helps you slide down in style, it doesn’t reduce the speed. The box I now tick in when filling out forms is the “30 and over” – I mean, can’t they have a 30 – 35 box? The “and over” leaves too much room for interpretation and speculation — 30 is a far cry from 40 and 50……isn’t it?

Now I find myself saying the over exhausted cliché lines like “age is but a number” and “you are only as old as you feel”.

Imagine I found myself addressing a group as “young people” – really?

Am I not a “young person” too? It hit me like a ton of “30 something” bricks when one day a group of us in church were talking about childhood cartoons like Fraggle Rock, Galaxy Rangers and Captain Planet – we had a big laugh over it however not everyone was laughing. They couldn’t laugh because they had never heard of those cartoons, that at the time defined what having a good childhood was all about….oh the horror.

When did I become my parents age?? My father’s statement keeps echoing in my mind and he almost sounded sinister saying it…..I now understand why. LOL I take comfort in knowing I’m not the only one being teased by their parents, my friend’s mother told her “where you are I once was and where I am you soon shall be” – that’s a riddle I wish I wasn’t so old to understand.

As a single Christian woman of 30, I imagine I will be barraged with the same questions that plagued me the year before – “How come you aren’t married yet – are you too picky?”, “Where do you go to meet new people?”, “Have you visited other churches”… blah…blah….BLAH. I know a lot of women (Christian or not) feel pressured into fitting the mold of society which says that by 30 you should already be married with 1 and ½ kids and a house with a white picket fence. Well, I for one am glad I’ve managed to break that mold into powder form because I’m far from what “society says” but I’m right on track with what God says. He has put no pressure on me to get married in the natural sense and truly I’m enjoying being married to Him – seriously.

Of course there was a time when I found myself feeling pressured to “get married” especially when I had to buy a dress or two each year to attend my school friends’ wedding with no “guest” on my arm to show off. You begin to question yourself and ask “is something wrong with me?”

It took me sometime to figure out that I was right where God wanted me to be

I was in Him. A relationship couldn’t define who I was – only Christ could and the moment I realized that I embraced being single with a new sense of purpose. I’ve been single for the past 7 years or so and will be “30 something” in less than 2 weeks; I have no “hubby” and no baby but I’m still His baby and that’s just fine with me.

Maybe this year I will meet my “Boaz” – (the bible didn’t indicate what age Esther was but she seemed “30 something” to me J ) or maybe I won’t, but one thing remains true I am complete in Christ, lacking nothing. Jesus started His ministry at age 30 and I took ALL the notes from His book. He did it serving His Father and I am doing just that.

There are some advantages of being “30 and over”

You actually feel 10 years less than the age you really are. Just ask my friend who is “40 something” LOL. Your view on life changes and you get to say things like “I’m a grown 30 year old woman and I can make my own decisions” LOL – somehow it doesn’t have the same effect saying it when you’re 29.

It’s a dilemma, when you are in your teens you fight to be in your 20s then when you hit you late 20s you fight to be a teen. They say 40 is the new 30, if that’s true then I’m still 20 and I need to correct all the forms I filled out….

As an adult I face the challenges of living in the world (until such time that the good Lord will rescue us) but I can still snuggle up in my Heavenly Father’s arms as a child, knowing that He loves me so much He has numbered the hairs on my head….even the silver ones that I’ve yanked out with brute force.

I have a lot to be thankful for, people have had so many bad experiences in their lifetime but I’m so grateful that I’ve seen Jesus in my 20s and I will see Him more in my 30s. I turned 30 in stride and I will turn “30 something” in the same grace.

(You would think by now I would be able to say 31 with ease right, but I have a few more days to go so let me enjoy the last bite of being 30 – the last bite is always best J )

Stay Blessed

Image Credit: shutterstock/Djomas